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Director of football

  1. Director of football

    did any of you have any luck with director of football? he's messin' up with my transfer budget, i assign him to buy my transfer target and all he do only buy the players i never assigned for... any other similiar stories out there?

  2. hey i got fernado hierro as my dof and assigned him to sign my targets and i put together a nice few targets but he aint attempted to sign them but has signed half a dozen players that i would never looka

  3. I've got Eric cantona not the best but he's the best I could get and he's not once signed anyone I wanted him to instead he insists on trying to get 32 year old + players swear to god I'm gonna flying drop kick him soon
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  4. but he is king cantona so he can do what he likes haha !! it is a wee bit annoyin though lol but its a good addition to fm 13 maybe there is a way you can make him only sign players from your transfer targets maybe??

  5. I hope so I really don't want some shitty French rejects playing for me, time to give cantona the boot and bring in the legend that is Colin cooper

  6. I've signed cantana for my qpr save and he went after arsenal defender squalici (can't spell his name) and he rejected the wages..I think that is a decent signin for qpr lol but that's the only player he attempted to sign.

  7. Just go to "staff responsibilities" and make all transfers your assignment. I have Predrag Mijatovic for DOF, and all he does is accepting all transfers in that I make, and he also gets rid of the players from unwanted list. No extra transfers.

  8. My DoF only gets clubs for the players that i want to loan, and take care of tranfers, and i have to say that it's heaven!

  9. I let mine find me players, but I get the final decision on accepting them.

    So far in my Doncaster save he's got me George Boateng and Matt Fry, and Jordan Obita on loan who's turned out to be a class player so far (for England U19's as well).

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