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Getting attached to players?
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  1. Getting attached to players?

    Does anyone else get attached to certain players even when it would be better to cash in?
    For example Adam Johnson on my Sunderland save is now considered one of the best players in England and played a huge role in Roy Hodgsons successful World Cup Campaign (Imagine the look on my face when we didn't get knocked out in the quarters from the penalty shootout!) I reckon I could get £30+ mil for him and get someone better in, it's the same with Steven Fletcher (who isn't valued as highly in the game) but I feel a bit of a dick trying to sell off players who have been key to the team at some point.

    Odds are I'll sell off Fletcher in January to help pay for a better RW.

    Any views or similar experiences?

  2. I haven't got any on this game but on fm12 I got really attached to Gary Cahill he was the rock of my Tottenham team then when he got to about 30 Barcelona offered 25 million for him.....I rejected it then first game into the season POW cruciate ligament injury goodbye 8 months of his career, he was never the same after that
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  3. Yeah I always do this, I have players that were like 25 when I got them and have done so much for me, that I never sell them until they retire (unless they want to be sold)

  4. Chicharito is always like that for me... He's a quality poacher but sometimes misses the easiest chances that Falcao could score! End up loaning him first season so his value increases and then selling him second season

  5. I got really attached to regen on fm12, bought him from Inter for 325k and by the time he was 22 he was worth £35 million, he replaced Cavani as my first striker, I only bought him as a back up for Cavani. He was one of the best players in the world by the age of 20 and he scored atleast twice every match. He was the best regen I ever had
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  6. I haven't on this game, but on FM12 I had Leandro Damiao score around 100 goals a season for me. Could easily have sold him for an immense amount of money, but didn't... Mainly because I loved the guy lol

  7. I bought Fabio in my Crystal Palace save...dude is all over the field with the ball, I love it.

  8. Tashan Adeyinka. Always a free agent when you start a game, great striker for lower league teams, and young too. He helped lead my Oxford City team into League 2 with successive promotions. Seemed to get even better when we promoted to the Blue Square Premier than he did his first season. Can't remember how much he was worth when I got to League 2, but I knew he wouldn't have the same effect in League 2 as he did before. Had plenty of teams interested in him so decided to let him go. Think he ended up back in the BSP with a team who paid full whack of what he was worth. Guess this has to happen when you're trying to grow a club, but it was still pretty gutting!

  9. Radja Nainggolan for my Dortmund team. He bossed my midfield for the first three seasons. Got a 40 million offer from real, but considered him too important to accept. Of course after that he broke his leg and went from 4 star ability to 2 star. He never got back into my first team again after that.
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  10. Darren Edwards at Gloucester - the wrong side of 30 but he is a fantastic striker.

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