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    I'm managing Chelsea and have hired Monchi instead of Emenalo but he never does anything. I've checked on the staff responsibilities page and I am in charge of all the finalising of signings whilst he looks for first team players to sign. I'm also in charge of all the outgoing transfers but he terminated Victor Moses' contract when I wanted to sell him and get some money. Also, whenever I put a player as a transfer target he always fails in negotiations. He has decent stats but does nothing. He's meant to be negotiating with transfer targets but always fails and is releasing players without my permission. Am I doing something wrong, or is Monchi a bad D of F? Any ideas?

    Also, who's everyone elses D of F and are they any good?

  2. Not sure as to your problem, but ive got Eric Cantona on my Newcastle save, and he also has failed to sign anyone when asked to do so.

  3. me to and i have sumbitted this on the forums to si, because they never buy your transfer targets and always fail so hopefully they will fix this because the idea of a DOF is a good idea in my opinion.

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