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  1. unbeaten

    my highest games unbeaten in a row on fm13 is 14

    what is everyone's elses unbeaten runs

  2. unbeaten-4b4d1f59ecf5194f6cac34003a8f8409.png Currently unbeaten in the BPL, hoping to go all season.

  3. Mine is 20 with Grimsby in the first season, i then lost 1-0 -.-

    Second season currently like 23 matches unbeaten(league) however did lose 2-1 vs Rochdale in Johnstones paint trophy few games ago
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  4. Went around 40 games unbeaten in the league.

    Didn't have an invincible season though, was something like January 2020- March 2021

  5. upload your tactic please share your tips, im going to scream i swear to god

  6. Did up to 36 games til friggin' Blackburn Rovers beat my team, Burnley!

  7. did 44 with Oxford

  8. Went 3 full league seasons, so 114 (38*3) games unbeaten with Southampton in FM12.
    Lost in the CL and cups obviously, but unbeaten in league.
    My team was just full of insane regens by then and there was literally no other team challenging me - United and City were both way down the table, with my main rival being Newport County :L But even then it was way too easy.

    I find FM13 harder to go on massive streaks as I always seem to get one inconsistent result like a 1-0 loss to West Brom at home or something when I've won my last 15 games.. Highest on FM13 is probably around 20..

  9. done a full season on fm first season with chelsea, no massive signings just rodrigo and bressan


  10. tip for going unbeaten when you go ahead in a game set it to counter so you are more defensive

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