Which ST should I buy out of these two regens?

  1. Which ST should I buy out of these two regens?

    Can pick them up for 12 - 13m each , i only play one striker (destro atm) and I have Carlos Fierro as back up but hes not really doing much when he plays so i need someone to rotate with destro due to champs league games. tempted to sell fierro and buy both but im not sure how good fierro develops on this fm

    or this guy who I just found :
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  2. I'd pick the first one.

  3. depends on the role you plan to use, personally i would choose the last guy but ultimately it comes down to the role he will play and who will suit that role

  4. Last guy, but all are good options. I guess it depends on what you're looking for.

  5. The third one, he looks a monster!. That's my opinion but go for who ever suits your playing style the best

  6. I would pick cacapa just because of his name haha!! But looks like a monster of a player, let us know which one u pick and how they get on..

  7. I would go for the last guy.

  8. Most probably the last one!

  9. Definitely a last one. Bonus is you can chuck him on the wing and he'll wreck havoc there as well.

  10. Personally if I had the funds I'd buy all 3 lol nice stats and high determination, nice finds!

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