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Biggest transfer fee spent?
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  1. Biggest transfer fee spent?

    Bought Messi on my Man City save for £230 million in january 2015

  2. Just signed ronaldo for 130 million 3rd season in,psg

  3. Not sure spent, I remember when I was man utd I got around £80million for a regen right back, even though in his contract his minimum release clause was something like £25mill

  4. 65m For Suarez for PSG.
    60m For Bale for Man City
    58m For Sterling for Man City

  5. FM12 I bought Ronaldo, Marcelo, Messi & Sergio Ramos for a combined fee of £320 million

    FM12 I've bought Falcao for £60m and Cezar Azpilicueta for £90m (Could've bought him for £19.5m the season before but turned it down before he moved to Barcelona)

  6. €20m spent on McCarthy despite having had saves with teams like Man city, Chelsea, Arsenal and Bayern. I search for a bargain

  7. FM12 when I was managing Man City, spent £80 million on Neymar. Could I have got him for less? Almost certainly, but I didn't care too much as it was only ever going to be a short term save. He absolutely tore the Premiership a new asshole.

  8. Not a fan of spending too much on a player. The most I have spent on one player on this fm is £39m for Iker Muniain, well worth it with his performances.

  9. 21m on a regen, was only 18 but i could clearly see he was going to amazing, 5 years later he was valued at 40m, money well spent.

  10. £45m for Falcao.
    £50m for Neymar.

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