How the hell can they call this game football manager? it resembles nothing of football. The passing is a disgrace to start with, i have seen sunday league players pass better than this game. The game is riddled with errors for example sterling passes the ball to henderson who decides to slide tackle the ball and then gives it away for no apparant reason.

the list goes on but i cba to name everything that is wrong with the game. I prefered FM12 because it was more like football, players actually tackled and you could win games which you was expected to win comfortably for example playing blackburn you could hammer them by 4/5 goals. however now its hard to even score 1 goal against a QPR side who are bottom of the league.

i am using JP woodys simple and soild tactic no offence to him or anyone else but you may aswell play no tactic at all because it seems the players dont follow anything you tell them.

rant over