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Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide
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  1. Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide

    Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide
    "Audere est Facere"

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    Club Information

    Nation: England

    Year Founded: 1882

    Status: Professional

    Reputation: National

    Chairman: Daniel Levy

    Chairman Status: Enjoying life at the club

    Legends: Bill Nicholson, Steve Perryman, Glenn Hoddle

    Club Icons: Danny Blanchflower, Gary Mabbutt, Dave Mackay, Ledley King, Jimmy Greaves, Osvaldo Ardiles, Graham Roberts, David Ginola, Jurgen Klinsmann, Teddy Sheringham, Steffan Freund

    Favoured Personel: Jermaine Defoe, Michael Dawson

    Derbies: North London Derby (vs. Arsenal)

    Fierce Rivals: Arsenal (Local), Chelsea (Local)

    Other Rivals:
    West Ham (Local)

    Finances: Rich

    Average Ticket Price: £49.10

    Average Season Ticket Price: £797

    Season Ticket Holders: 25000

    Estimated Value: £448M

    Continental Competition: EURO. Cup (Europa League)

    Squad Personality: Ambitious

    Captain: Michael Dawson

    Vice-Captain: Scott Parker

    Facilities: Top youth & Top training facilities

    Stadium: White Hart Lane

    Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-images.jpgTottenham Hotspur Club Guide-white-hart-lane-007.jpg

    Brief Stadium Information
    36284 seats, under-soil heating, perfect pitch condition

    General & Facilities

    Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-207890_screenshots_2013-01-02_00006.jpgTottenham Hotspur Club Guide-207890_screenshots_2013-01-02_00007.jpg
    (Basically what I've just described, just more detailed for those who care)

    A Personal Message From Daniel Levy

    Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-207890_screenshots_2013-01-02_00004.jpg
    - Play attacking football
    - Develop players through youth system

    Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-levy.jpg

    Season Expectations
    When starting as Spurs, you get a very healthy transfer budget of £30M, which is surprising considering Tottenham spent big this summer. You also get a wage budget of £1.24M, which is a fairly good wage budget for a club like Tottenham. I didn't get a say in my expectations when starting as Spurs, So I'm guessing these budgets have been provided for European qualification.

    Other Bits n' Bobs
    Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-207890_screenshots_2013-01-02_00008.jpgTottenham Hotspur Club Guide-207890_screenshots_2013-01-02_00010.jpgTottenham Hotspur Club Guide-207890_screenshots_2013-01-02_00011.jpgTottenham Hotspur Club Guide-sddsfdfs.jpg

    Squad & Tactics!

    Now that's all sorted, let's evaluate the squad and the tactics!

    Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-tottenham-team-photo-kit-2012.jpg

    Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-hugo-lloris.pngTottenham Hotspur Club Guide-brad-friedel.pngTottenham Hotspur Club Guide-heurelho-gomes.pngTottenham Hotspur Club Guide-carlo-cudicini.png
    (In order of assistant managers report)

    Hugo Lloris: Here you have an absolute monster, he is by far your best goalkeeper, and being only 25 years of age he still has at least 10 years left in him. Lloris should be your first choice goalkeeper no matter what, there's a reason he's the French national goalkeeper.
    The assistant manager gives him a 3 and a half star rating, which is pretty low considering how good this guy is.
    Individual Training Focus - Composure

    Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-207890_screenshots_2013-01-02_00016.jpg Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-ddddd.jpg

    Brad Friedel: Good ole' grandad Brad. Still battling on at the ripe old age of 41. This guy is Mr.Consistency, and a quality back-up to Lloris for 1-2 seasons, you may as well keep him as you won't get much money for selling him. Brad is a well rounded goalie and will fill in for Hugo in the early stages of competitions, and won't be a liability.
    Individual Training Focus - Composure

    Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-207890_screenshots_2013-01-02_00013.jpg Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-207890_screenshots_2013-01-02_00017.jpg

    Gomes: Gomes in real life is such a good shot-stopper, but such a liability at times. However, on the game he is a fairly consistent and good goal keeper, but nothing special. You could keep him as Lloris' back-up, and try and get some cash for Friedel - but I would strongly recommend selling Gomes, as Manchester City usually come in with an offer for him if he's transfer listed, I got £1.5M for him at the start of the game, you may get more if you try.
    Individual Training Focus - Composure

    Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-.jpg Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-fdgdf.jpg

    Carlo Cudicini: Carlo has been unlucky at Totteham, as he's always second fiddle to a better goal keeper, but nowadays he's fallen right down the pecking order to 4th. He is actually quite a good goal keeper, and can do a job if called upon. However selling him is what I recommend, as you can get 250k from Bologna, as they always make an offer for him.
    Individual Training Focus - Composure

    Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-123.jpg Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-%60%60%60%60.jpg

    Goalkeeper Overview
    You have 4 quality goal keepers, Lloris should be your number 1, with Friedel as back-up. Selling Gomes and Cudicini is recommended to bring in some added funds. This is a very strong position for Tottenham. It's up to you how you play it.


    Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-kyle-walker.pngTottenham Hotspur Club Guide-benoit-assou-ekotto.pngTottenham Hotspur Club Guide-kyle-naughton.pngTottenham Hotspur Club Guide-adam-smith.png
    (In order of assistant managers reports)

    Kyle Walker: The first, and the better of the two Kyle's we have at Tottenham. This guy is lightning fast down the right hand side and overlaps the right midfielder for fun. He is only young, which means he will always be improving too. Proven at an international level also, this guy is a future club star and should be kept at all costs. He also brings the home grown status. Sometimes both of the Manchester clubs are interested in his services, tell them hands off. Unless you do want to sell, you can get around £15M for him. For sure your first choice right-back.
    Individual Training Focus - Marking

    Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-%601.jpg Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-23.jpg

    Benoit Assou-Ekotto: The left sided full-back from Cameroon, is a good full-back, back that's all he will ever be, "good". He is nothing special but he does do the job required to get a high league table finish. I don't know how much you will get for selling Benny, but as he is valued at £7.25M, you should be able to get a fair few bob for him.
    Individual Training Focus - Quickness

    Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-1212.jpg Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-207890_screenshots_2013-01-03_00008.jpg

    Kyle Naughton: The second Kyle, although Naughton isn't as good as Walker, he is still a good little player, and also English, and young. He will improve and become a fairly good player at this level, he is also versatile as he can play either full-back position as back-up for Walker or Ekotto. Selling him would probably rake in around £5M, so it's up to you here. I don't sell him though.
    Individual Training Focus - Marking

    Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-207890_screenshots_2013-01-03_00003.jpg Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-207890_screenshots_2013-01-03_00004.jpg

    Adam Smith: This guy has came through the Spurs academy, and has been on loan to a few different clubs and been fairly good for them. In real life he is currently on loan at Millwall, and they are raving about him. On the game he starts at Tottenham, and when I have called upon him, he has delivered a better than expected performance. You can either choose to loan him out and see if he improves even more, or sell him for a little bit of cash as he will never get in the first team.
    Individual Training Focus - Quickness

    Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-.jpg Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-%601%601d.jpg

    Full-back Overview
    You have a very good young English right-back in Walker, he should be first choice, and you also have a good left-back in Ekotto. Naughton is a good back-up, and Smith is a promising youngster but is surplus to requirements and should be at a mid-table side.

    Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-younes-kaboul.pngTottenham Hotspur Club Guide-jan-vertonghen.pngTottenham Hotspur Club Guide-michael-dawson.pngTottenham Hotspur Club Guide-william-gallas.pngTottenham Hotspur Club Guide-steven-caulker.png
    (In order of assistant manager reports)

    Younes Kaboul: This guy is a power-house, and one hell of a good centre-back. He's an absolute rock at the heart of your defence and should be on the team sheet week in week out if available. In my save, PSG and Real Madrid came in with bids for him, can't remember the exact figure but it was fairly large, so if you do feel like selling him feel free, as Spurs are quite strong the centre-back position.
    Individual Training Focus - Quickness

    Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-1111.jpg Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-112112.jpg

    Jan Vertonghen:
    Big Jan is a handful from set pieces and should score you double figures per season if utilized correctly. Partner him and Kaboul, and attacking set pieces is a treat. I conceded so few goals when these two were playing together, they compliment each other perfectly.
    Individual Training Focus - Composure

    Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-.jpg Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-.jpg

    Michael Dawson: This guy is Tottenham through and through, there are rumours of him leaving in the winter window, but I hope he stays, he brings out the best in the players around him. He is quality back-up for Younes and Jan. He is also English which is a big plus. You could squeeze a few quid out for him and spend it in other areas but personally I keep him, just because he's a club icon.
    Individual Training Focus - Quickness

    Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-207890_screenshots_2013-01-03_00011.jpg Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-download.jpg

    William Gallas:
    Ex-Gooner or not, this guy is a quality centre-back and technically really good. He lacks in pace though which is a fairly big issue as Spurs are such a speed-oriented team. However, selling Gallas isn't a good idea as he is getting on a bit now, and won't be worth much. Instead, get him to tutor Steven Caulker, or a centre-back in the reserves/under-18's. Then after that ask him to become a coach at the club.
    Individual Training Focus - Quickness

    Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-download.jpg Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-download-1-.jpg

    Steven Caulker: The last centre back available for Tottenham is young Caulker, and he is a very promising youngster who can be used as a first teamer if you want. He will keep improving. His loan spell as Swansea really helped his game as they are a passing team. Keep this guy for a few years and he will be a key player in no time, guys a machine.
    Individual Training Focus - Marking

    Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-sdas.jpgTottenham Hotspur Club Guide-207890_screenshots_2013-01-03_00018.jpg

    Centre back Overview
    Again this is a strong position for Tottenham, however Kaboul, Gallas and Dawson are all prone to injuries so buying another centre back may not be a bad idea. I was fine though. If you sell one of these sell Dawson or Kaboul, as they will generate the most cash.


    Wide Men/Wingers
    Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-gareth-bale.pngTottenham Hotspur Club Guide-aaron-lennon.pngTottenham Hotspur Club Guide-andros-townsend.png

    Gareth Bale: This guy is something else, I am actually in love with him. World class in real life, world class on the game. Manchester United always make a £25M bid for him in the first window, reject that as in my opinion he's worth £50M+. The guy is lightning, get a faster left back to replace Benny and have the most dominant left side in the league. Scores me 20+ goals per season from the wing, can be used as an inside forward as well. So versatile and just a total stud.
    Individual Training Focus - Shooting

    Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-ttt.jpg Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-207890_screenshots_2013-01-03_00022.jpg

    Aaron Lennon: This guy is rapid down the right hand side along with Walker. However, other than pace Lennon doesn't have much else to his game. Getting in a potential replacement would be advised. There will be a transfers section later on in the guide to discuss potential options.
    Individual Training Focus - Crossing

    Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-kkkkk.jpg Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-207890_screenshots_2013-01-03_00020.jpg

    Andros Townsend: No this isn't Andy Townsend's son haha. This guy is an okay wide midfielder, but can't cut it at Tottenham and should be sold to generate some extra funds. If you decide to keep him he can do an alright job but never will be good enough to be in a team challenging for Champions League/The league.
    Individual Training Focus - Shooting

    Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-kkkkk55.jpg Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-dfdfdfdf.jpg

    Wide Midfielder/Winger Overview
    You have an amazing winger in Gareth Bale, Lennon is good too, and Townsend is fairly lackluster, and a Championship player at best. You lack depth here and some transfers should be made. I'll go into transfers later into the guide.

    Defensive/Attacking/Central Midfielders
    Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-moussa-dembele.pngTottenham Hotspur Club Guide-clint-dempsey.pngTottenham Hotspur Club Guide-gylfi-sigurdsson.pngTottenham Hotspur Club Guide-tom-huddlestone.pngTottenham Hotspur Club Guide-scott-parker.pngTottenham Hotspur Club Guide-sandro.pngTottenham Hotspur Club Guide-iago-falque.pngTottenham Hotspur Club Guide-jake-livermore.pngTottenham Hotspur Club Guide-jermaine-jenas.pngTottenham Hotspur Club Guide-tom-carroll.png

    Mousa Dembele: Dembele is a big, strong attacking midfielder, who is quite versatile and can slot in nicely to the central midfield and even defensive midfield. He is great on the ball and gets some really nice dribbles. He should be your first choice attacking midfielder. People forget he is only young too.
    Individual Training Focus - Shooting

    Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-de.jpg Click image for larger version

Name:	de.jpg
Views:	1021
Size:	229.8 KB
ID:	296711

    Clint Dempsey: Following his buddy Dembele from Fulham, Dempsey is a very useful player to have in your arsenal at Spurs. Some of you may prefer putting Dempsey as your first choice attacking midfielder, I prefer the flair option of Dembele personally. Dempsey is a very good rounded player, and is great back-up.
    Individual Training Focus - Quickness

    Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-ttththt.jpg Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-dempsey.jpg

    Gylfi Sigurdsson: Gylfi is a very good player from Iceland, but is unlucky as Tottenham have some very good players in his position of attacking midfield. He is great back up to Dembele and Dempsey, but if you want to sell one of the attacking midfield trio to free up some funds feel free.
    Individual Training Focus - Shooting

    Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-207890_screenshots_2013-01-03_00042.jpg Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-aaaaa.jpg

    Tom Huddlestone: Has fallen down the pecking order here at Spurs and has run his course here in my opinion, can be sold for a good sum of money at the start of the game as you have better options in defensive midfield. If kept he can be used as a box to box midfielder or a deep lying play maker and does the job well.
    Individual Training Focus - Tackling

    Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-aaaaa333.jpg Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-gbgbgb.jpg

    Scott Parker: Super Scotty Parker, he's the work horse of the team, the destroyer. He breaks up play and gives it to the more creative players to start an attacking move. Should be selected as your captain for the season, and given the defensive midfield position (if you use one) to occupy.
    Individual Training Focus - Shooting

    Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-gbgbgbm.jpg Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-207890_screenshots_2013-01-03_00031.jpg

    Sandro: This guy is an absolute wall. I'd say a more creative version of Parker. He is passionate for the team and puts in hard performances week in week out. I play him next to Parker and they break up play like it's no mans business. Quality player should be a first team regular.
    Individual Training Focus - Passing

    Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-saas.jpg Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-207890_screenshots_2013-01-03_00031sasasa.jpg

    Iago Falque: He's a good little player, but I doubt he will ever make it as a first teamer, I kept him as a back-up which he does reasonably well. However you may want to loan him out to make his value increase and then sell him the following season. All in all he's a good little player with a bit of flair about him.
    Individual Training Focus - Quickness

    Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-saasdear.jpg Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-cd.jpg

    Jake Livermore: He's a good well rounded midfielder, but with the likes of Parker and Sandro he will never really break into the starting 11 and is wasted talent on the bench. You could play him if you wish but selling him after a season or two is probably wise.
    Individual Training Focus - Passing

    Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-saasdearbbbb.jpg Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-207890_screenshots_2013-01-03_00037cccc.jpg

    Jermaine Jenas: This guy is a donkey. The fact I sold him for £5.5M is incredible, the best business I ever done, and I recommend you doing the same as he is one of the worst players in the team and the sum you can get for him is very large for a player of his calibre. (No offence if you're a Jenas fan, I just don't rate him)
    Individual Training Focus - Tackling

    Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-jj.jpg Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-207890_screenshots_2013-01-03_00033.jpg

    Thomas Carroll: This guy is like a mini-Gerrard, he can ping balls from anywhere, and grows into quite the creative midfielder. Loan him out for a couple of seasons and in no time he becomes a star. Very good player, came through the academy too, which is what Levy wants you to be doing at the club. He starts in the reserves.
    Individual Training Focus - Tackling

    Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-jjts.jpg Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-tbtb.jpg

    Attacking/Defensive/Central Midfielder Overview
    You have a lot of players fighting for this positions which is good, however some of them are dead wood such as Jenas who should be sold. If you want to improve this position there will be transfers later on. You have a lot of quality and depth here and I don't personally see room for improvement.

    Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-emmanuel-adebayor.pngTottenham Hotspur Club Guide-jermaine-defoe.png
    Emmanuel Adebayor: The guys a mountain, but a little clumsy at times. He is quite inconsistent, but when he performs he does really well. Plays best as a target man for me. Has very good physical stats, and is a handful to deal with in the air. Good from set plays too.
    Individual Training Focus - Off The Ball
    Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-tbtbadedee.jpg Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-defoeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.jpgJermaine Defoe: Club icon, and an absolute hero. Such a clinical finisher. He has good all round stats and is used best as a poacher. Can easily get your 20+ goals per season. Also he's English.
    Individual Training Focus - Strength

    Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-fbfb.jpg Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-cd.jpg

    Strikers Overview
    What we have here are two very different types of strikers, the small nippy finisher, and the big target man who holds up play and scores those headers. You will need another striker at some point considering these are your only two options up top, so I recommend playing a formation with 1 up front so you can rotate.



    Potential 'Outs'
    Carlo Cudicini - £260k
    Gomes - £1.5M
    Total - £1.7M

    Potential 'Ins'
    Michel Vorm - Valued at £3.9M (Back-up/Lloris Competition)
    Craig Gordon - Free Transfer (Back-up)

    Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-michel-vorm.png


    Potential 'Outs'
    Adam Smith - Loan
    Younes Kaboul - £15M
    Michael Dawson - £5M
    Total - £20M

    Potential 'Ins'
    Angel Rangel - £3.9M (Back-up for Walker)
    Christian Fuchs - £12M
    Christopher Samba - £15M

    Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-angel-rangel.png


    Potential 'Outs'
    Jermaine Jenas - £5.5M
    Jake Livermore - £5M
    Aaron Lennon - £10M
    Andros Townsend - £4M
    Total - £24.5M

    Potential 'Ins'
    Douglas Costa - £11M
    Adryan - £825k (Release Clause)
    Wellington Nem - £3.5M (Release Clause)
    Marouane Fellaini - £25M
    Yohan Cabaye - £25M

    Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-yohan-cabye.png


    Potential 'Outs'

    Potential 'Ins'
    Leonard Kweuke - £3.2M
    Ademilson - £5.25M (Release Clause)
    Demba Ba - £7M (Release Clause)
    Edinson Cavani - £21M in January


    Name:  Alex Inglethorpe.png
Views: 22478
Size:  52.7 KBName:  Clive Allen.png
Views: 22441
Size:  62.2 KBName:  Les Ferdinand.png
Views: 22451
Size:  49.2 KBName:  luis martins.png
Views: 22412
Size:  62.5 KBName:  Steffen Freund.png
Views: 22421
Size:  56.3 KBName:  Tim Sherwood.png
Views: 22386
Size:  53.5 KBName:  Tony Parks.png
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Size:  55.2 KB

    You already have a very good coaching, scouting and physio team, and it would be foolish to disrupt that. However, bringing in one or two of your own scouts/coaches wouldn't hurt. Below are some recommendations of mine.

    Chris Woods
    Steve Harrison
    Elio Carravetta
    Bill Beswick
    Addo Otto

    Ron Ruddick
    Cesare Maldini
    Paul Montgomery
    David Hamilton


    With Spurs, you need to look at what their main strengths and weaknesses are. It doesn't take a genius to work out that the wing play is a strong point, with people like Gareth Bale bombing down the flanks. So exploit them! Find a tactic that works for the team you are managing, baring this in mind I found 3 tactics that worked a charm with my Spurs team. The screenshots below are the unchanged team (without transfers) and how I would line up from the start.

    Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-bbbbb.jpg
    Awesome AMC™ by Raikan007

    Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-bg4.jpg
    Koflok's Goals Galore 2013

    Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-sdasdasdasdas.jpg
    The Better Half´s 451 with Wingbacks - Set Of 4 Versions

    Players Out on Loan

    Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-bongani-khumalo.pngTottenham Hotspur Club Guide-danny-rose.pngTottenham Hotspur Club Guide-david-bentley.pngTottenham Hotspur Club Guide-harry-kane.pngTottenham Hotspur Club Guide-john-bostock.pngTottenham Hotspur Club Guide-massimo-luongo.pngTottenham Hotspur Club Guide-ryan-fredericks.pngTottenham Hotspur Club Guide-simon-dawkins.png

    These are the guys who are on loan away from Tottenham. The most reputable being David Bentley and Danny Rose. Once returned from loan I recommend selling Bentley for how ever much you can get, and giving Rose a run out in the first team as he has the potential to be a good player. I haven't really experimented with the other ones so try your luck and see what happens!
    (Bongani Khumalo, Danny Rose, David Bentley, Harry Kane, John Bostock, Massimo Luongo, Ryan Fredericks, Simon Dawkins)

    Youngsters to watch!
    Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-christian-ceballos.pngTottenham Hotspur Club Guide-giancarlo-gallifuoco.pngTottenham Hotspur Club Guide-jonathan-obika.pngTottenham Hotspur Club Guide-souleymane-coulibaly.png
    These guys are (from right to left) Christian Ceballos, Giancarlo Gallifuoco, Jonathan Obika, and Souleymane Coulibaly. They are the most promising of the youngsters at Tottenham. So with the right nuturing these guys could become future stars for you. Coulibaly is dubbed the new Drogba, which is something. Give them a go and see what happens, Ceballos has been incredible for me 3-4 years into the game.

    'Remember to Do's'

    - Remember to retrain Kyle Walker to a right wing-back if you want to use the same tactics I did.
    - Remember to ask the board to build a new stadium, as they usually say yes.
    - Remember to hire scouts from different nations to increase international knowledge!
    - Remember to keep on top of your finances! Don't abuse the monthly installments method

    Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-training-ground.jpg

    The Must Buys
    Adryan and Wellington Nem are must buys in this game. For how cheap they are, they develop into complete animals and you can make some tidy profit off them.

    Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-fm-2012-player-profile-adryan-top-image.png

    So that's about it guys, this is the end of my Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide.
    As a passionate Spurs fan, I hope I've inspired some of you to start a save with The Lilywhites because it's a really fun save to do! Also this community has helped me out with a lot of things so I hope I can give something back to you guys.

    I do apoligise if I have got some of the player prices incorrect, I haven't signed all of them for myself, I just went with what my assistant manager said, so tell me the actual prices and I will edit. I spent quite a while on this guide so feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    So do me a favour, start a Spurs game and bring home the Barclays Premier League Trophy, and turn London white.

    Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-trophy_tour_manchester_012.jpg

    "It is better to fail aiming high than to succeed aiming low. And we of Spurs have set our sights very high, so high in fact that even failure will have in it an echo of glory."

    Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-bill_nicholson2.jpg

    Name:  728.png
Views: 27109
Size:  24.8 KB
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Tottenham Hotspur Club Guide-fgfg.jpg  

  2. best guide thus far mate, top stuff!

  3. Thank you man.

  4. I would be up for making another team guide if some of you wanted

  5. This looks great and reads really well.

  6. Cheers mate

  7. This is one of the best guides I have seen, not only the detail but also the presentation. Have you considered making more guides?

  8. Thanks! Yeah I'm open to ideas for any team people need, I'd need a few days to get a good grip of the team first then I'd make more
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by SpursBoy96Jay View Post
    Thanks! Yeah I'm open to ideas for any team people need, I'd need a few days to get a good grip of the team first then I'd make more
    Yeh guides take a lot of time and effort

    How would you feel about trying about doing an Everton guide? Simply because I don't think there has been one put up for FM2013 and they are an interesting team.

  10. Yeah no problem, ill get round to it as soon as possible. Yeah very interesting, good players just a very thin squad. Ill give it a go!

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