Stupid Visa's And Potential Solution Idea's?

  1. Stupid Visa's And Potential Solution Idea's?

    Right Started FM13 must say I love the new Game Engine e.t.c. but one thing which is the Bane of my Managerial career is Visa's for American and Canadian players seem impossible to obtain!

    I feel that SI could of solved this because someone may be Canadian but already residing in the UK i.e. Tried to buy keeper Adam street (Ex West Ham) but was turned down for a visa.

    For foreign players why don't they make things a bit more realistic and take into account with signing them where the Player is residing? I.e. Adam Street is Canadian but he could be living in London so wouldn't need to pass a visa as he already is living here. This would make transfers realistic because I don't think many American players would sign for a team in BSS if they are living in Colarado for 200 a week wages and have to move to Truro for that wage

    Does anyone else think this should be addressed that just because someone is Nigerian doesn't mean they live there and need a visa because they may be living in the UK already?
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  2. gogogo golem
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    It's a good idea but how does SI tell if someone is living in a country and do they randomise it? If you want it logged, go to their wishlist thread and they may incorporate it in a future game.

  3. They can base it on their previous career history and also when they questionairre players to be added that can be a optional question and also with the personality stat for when new players get home sick and you send them on holiday they could decide to move back home when they get released.

    What is the link to their forums?

  4. gogogo golem
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  5. Posted on there how often do they add ideas onto the game from there?

  6. Is it that SI should guess and/or randomly chose what players have decided to stay in the Country after having been released from the club or should they investigate if they actually are and if they have a visa irl ?

  7. A Bit of both if they have the infomation then go by it otherwise could random gen it based on things like determination and affinity to playing in nations and stuff like that

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