Transfer Negotiations

  1. Transfer Negotiations

    when I am trying to negotiate with a club they automatically put it up to there price .... Obviously. However I have seen some people getting significantly better deals than I have gotten myself. This has made me wonder if I am not trying to negotiate hard enough with them. However If i try too hard they just break off talks with me.

    I've taken a good look around here before I joined, probably since around 2011 so I have been taking a bit of notice in peoples games and thing been viewing a few stories from here and there. Obviously things are diffrent from game to game.Such as players being unsettled and becoming key members of the team etc.

    However I am generally not willing to pay double a players value when they aren't going to improve my squad by double the amount of the previous player in that position. Maybe this is the wrong way to look at it.

    why would I pay 8m for a player valued at 4m when I know I won't get double the money on the 8m for him and he won't benifit my team twice over in comparison to the other player. Sure he may be a good player however there isn't money to be made from him. even using installments i still end up paying twice the fee. I remember seeing a transfer tips thing in the football manager 12 forum. I am guessing the same rules still apply on this one such as selling on fee 50% over the age of 28 if you are going to buy someone of that age anyway.

    Does anyone else have any helpful advise for me?

    Thank you

    Appologies if my post is filled with bad grammer and typo's.

  2. For me you have a transfer kitty. Providing it doesn't take me into debt I will try and buy the best player I can for the weakest current position for the money I have.
    i.e for Liverpool say I have 65m to spend. My weakest position is MC, I know from experience the best player I can buy for under
    65m is Hamsik which actually only cost me 27m of which I'm happy to have him. So after that I have 38m to spend on my next weakest position say ST. So I would go for Neymar, we all know he sells for around 50m depending on the mood of santos. So I have a choice...sell a player to buy him or save up. If neither suits this then I go for a player who I can afford and sell later like Jovetic who costs around 17m and I will pretty much guarantee to double my investment on whilst also providing a team improvement .
    All in all a cost of a player is irrelevant it's all about getting the best player you can!!

  3. To add someone who gets a better deal it's all down to your club rating out of 10000 (desirability) and relations. The higher rating you are the cheaper you will get them. Keep making lower offers until it goes dark orange, at that point you will have to offer him that and if your not happy don't offer it. Just remember after a failed negotiation the agent and player will start to dislike you and this will create higher demands until the point they will never join you!!

  4. Yeah I know what you saying but, with Club negotiations the information doesn't change colour. I was meaning the initial fee you pay to the club more than anything else, say I want jotevic for 12m which I like to thing is resonable really.After making him unhappy I'd still not get him for that either way.

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