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    I had a question about FM2013 and the values of the players. I am playing as Spezia and I started in Serie B and now I am in Serie A and have been here for about 4 seasons. I noticed that some of my players perform great and score wonderful goals or dribble like Neymar but their value is very underrated. When I sell these players their value rockets up.

    For example I have a player named Guagno who in my club was valued at 2.2 mil but this guy was a crazy winger like will take the ball form my half and assist for a goal. One season he also collected the most assists. I knew he was worth more then that so I sold him for 6 million dollars to Seina i think, now when I click on him guys worth 6.5 mil. Why when he was playing at the top of his game in my team his value didnt reflect the 6.5 mil?

    I also had Ciro Immobiale when he was 26. His rating was like 7.5 or something the whole season and top scorer. His value only went up half a mil, when I bought him he was 3.5 mil and end of the season was 4 mil. Tried to sell him off a year and a half later for 15mil and no one would buy him and finally got someone to buy him for 7 million and now I check his average ratings have dropped but he is worth 9.5 mil and he is 29 or 30. I just don't get it.

    I have few players like that who perform really good and their value barealy increase or stay the same in my team and when I sell them for a bigger price their value stays high and doesn't drop.

    So now I don't know if I need to sell off my players who are not worth much and get players who are worth a lot. Like my goal keeper is a regen and has excellent stats for a goal keeper but is only valued at 1mil and is 21. Even though I like him I found another regen who is only 20 and has slightly better stats but valued at 10 million. I bought him for 16.5 million and his value dropped to 11.5 million.

    So im guessing no matter how much you pay for a player, ones you get them their value drops or increases to what is should be. Only thing is when you have the player in your team their value doesn't seem to increase much, and it only does ones you sell them off.

    Any one else notice that??

  2. Monetary value is not an objective measure of how good the player is. For example, if a club buys a player for 15 mil, he will be worth 15 mil right after he is purchased. His price will then fluctuate based on performance, reputation, etc..

  3. I think player value are based on how much time he has on his contract, wage, etc
    If the player is playing at higher reputation & higher division, then his value also increase
    player under 18 also has higher value (correct me if I'm wrong here)

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