The match Engine when watching the full game

  1. The match Engine when watching the full game

    Ive searched the board to see if anyone else was having the same issue as me but couldn't see it so apologies if this has already been covered but im really struggling with it, im probably in a minority in that i like to watch the full game every game, i feel it gives me a much more accurate view of seeing how my tactics are working and what my players are doing both on and off the ball, plus by watching it you see where your opponents are most dangerous etc i think using the 'only commentary' option is a bit pointless and i havnt done so since i had a laptop capable of 3d.

    So anyway, ive played about 12 games into my Man Utd save, and im already at the point where ive had enough of it, no im not struggling to win, its not that old chestnut as such, what im really finding awful is how my players cant pass the ball, every longish range pass flys off the pitch and out of play, every short pass is under hit and gets intercepted, in 12 games not 1 of my players has played a single through ball for my striker to get on the end of (not 1) if i was managing someone like accrington Stanley id understand it, but ive got players like Rooney, Van Persie and Gotze all set to play through balls and not one of them according to the match engine has the capability to do it?? is this just a really bad year in terms of the match engine and its better to wait until its patched up? because the team visibly plays like shit every game, passing is horrendous on this version, ive got players with very high passing stats who im telling to play through balls and what not and none of them do it, the only way you seem to be able to score on this years version is by either having a really fast winger who just dribbles past everyone or from a set piece, its utterly impossible to pass through even the poorest sides with even great players on this version.

    To be a bit more specific about how i line up, i play a 4-2-3-1 formation, with Rooney as AMC attacking midfielder attack, Gotze at AML as advanced playmaker and Valencia AMR winger, Van Persie is my lone striker on advanced forward, i play a fluid control based game, short passing with normal tempo, both Rooney and Gotze are told to play through balls often in their roles, Carrick to whos my deep lying playmaker, so im watching the match, every single time these players get the ball they either immediately pass 20 yards backwards, play a horrendous under hit pass 5 yards left or right or dribble into trouble, not once do they even try and play a killer through pass to my striker, why? its like watching a pub team, i really dont understand it, ive never seen it on any previous FM.

    Its so bad for the first time in 4 years ive gone back to only reading the commentary through games now, i cant bring myself to watch 90 minutes of misplaced 5 yard passes and over hit missiles from supposedly world class players, does anyone else have this issue?? is the match engine just horrible in general for everyone this year and best avoided? or am i doing something wrong? i tend to spend a good amount of time on tactics, making sure every player is doing a job theyre suited to in a system and style that suits them, i dont expect every game to be perfect far from it but i do expect players of the class of Rooney and co to be able to thread a ball through a defence once in a while...passing seems to go to shit whenever your within 20 yards of goal on this version.

    I might try a quick save with Barcelona and see if this is either an isolated problem or a general fault with the full match engine, if players like Xavi and Iniesta cant play accurate final third passes then the games screwed.

  2. I just have the key highlights on, I can't bare to watch the full game as it looks awful in my opinion. I'm tempted to start using commentary only as even watching the goals I'm scoring and conceding frustrate me as they mostly look like shit!

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