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Biggest shocks you've seen in FM
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  1. Biggest shocks you've seen in FM

    Title says it all really. With it being FA Cup Third round day today, the idea of this thread came to mind. I've seen similar ones around before, but not for a while. In all the years we've been playing Football Manager, what are the biggest shocks/upsets you've seen in game? Or even been a part of yourself.

    It can be a cup winner, a cup game, a league title, a surprise transfer move, anything!

    Personally, I don't have all that many shocks in my time, other than Swansea winning the FA Cup final against Tottenham on FM11, of course Swansea were still in the Championship at that time. In the same season, Tottenham won the Premier League too. Other than that, I've not come across too many, or if I have I've forgotten them.

    Please share!

  2. Liverpool winning the premier league title.
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  3. liverpool beating Bate 8-0

    Barca beating Man city 7-1 away

  4. I have seen loads of clubs win cups which you would never see in real life... tbh mainly the league cup as fm ai always seems to have managers rotate for this cup. On FM10 i took notts county to the prem and after 1 season in the prem (came about 9th) i got the liverpool job so went off.. within 4 seasons notts county became my biggest title rivals was bizzare!

  5. I have to mention this as well! on my current game got the man u job once fergie retired following a succesful spell in holland anyway im doing awesome have one of the best FM teams ive ever assembeled and enjoying good football. So when we lost 6 - 0 to newcastle totally out of the blue me and FM fell out for a few days...

  6. Fenerbahce battering Real Madrid in CL semi's, all Turkish CL Final with Galatasaray (winners) in 2013/14!.

  7. Everton beating Man utd 7-1 and in FM11, Getafe got to the CL final before I thumped them 4-0

  8. I won the CL final against Barcelona 8-0 with a Man City team. I also won 21-0 with that same team in a friendly against Hyde.

    While those scorelines are shocking, I suppose they aren't exactly what you're asking for because it's not a shock that my team won either game. In that sense, I one time lost 5-0 to QPR as a Manchester United manager (despite having a team and tactic that won the league easily that season). I also one time beat Newcastle 1-0 as Gloucester City in the FA cup. I think that one takes the cake actually.

  9. I just lost a game in my Rangers save first season at home 1-0 to Elgin,was raging!!!! played with a full team as well!!!

  10. Liverpool relegated first season on my save. Then again some people would say it isn't that much of a shock.

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