Guberti Release on a Free

  1. Guberti Release on a Free

    I am starting a story with Roma, and Guberti is suspended for three years(due to last years fixing probe). On the books for 23k a week, it's money I need.

    Question 1: Does his wage count against my wage budget? (would seem a bit unfair that this wouldn't be mentioned, via inbox maybe...I know this may be a very stupid question, but I am not top notch with #'s and finance.

    Should I release him on a free? He has no use, but it's a 2.3 million fee. Is there any way I can extract value from him?

    I am going to try to list him for 1 pound and see what happens, but I know this will kill his value. But I really can't see how he would have any, being under contract for 2 years and suspended for 3. Any advice greatly appreciated.

  2. Im currently doing a Roma save in my third season. Won the champions league in my second season even though i finished second in the league twice! So yeah back to your question yes his wage counts towards your overall budget. i released him along with selling taddei and perrotta for free this saves up to about 60k per week! Also another bit of advice release Totti at the start of the second season. his ability drops hugely and he is on 145k per week! if you talk to him and say you should terminate because your not playing here you should look for a club that will play you, he will accept 1m compenation. Whereas if you try to release him it would cost 7m!

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