tell me your save?
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  1. tell me your save?

    What save are you guys doing
    started with/with at the minute?

  2. Started with Spurs in the PL and still Spurs. Won the league 5 years in a row now and in 2019 season.

  3. January first season with Doncaster.

    Second in the league with a game in hand

  4. Long save with Cambridge United. Straight promotions to them prem and finished 8th in first season. Currently in Feb 2018 and I'm pushing for a champions league place

  5. all sounding good, see everyone in england saves!

  6. In terms of long term saves, this is my second. My first was 4 seasons with QPR.

    I find it difficult to get into a foreign save, did San Marino challenge on fm12 though.

  7. Steaua Bucuresti in Romania, 3rd season, managed to get to the quarter finals of the Champions League only to be knocked out by Bayern

  8. Got my Huddersfield save. Currently 2nd season sat top of the Championship after finishing 15th last season. I'm thinking of starting with either Inter, Napoli or Udinese for a second long-term save.

  9. Started at Stade Brestois and resigned by xmas. Got the Swindon job, resigned took up Wimbledon got them promoted then relegated back to L2. Got the sack 14 games in and then got offered the Hartlepool job in L1 so sitting in the playoffs with them. Season 2016/17.

    Best bit about the save so far, Roberto Mancini got the Wimbledon job after me! LOL

    Also got a Liverpool save on the go.

  10. Into my 6th year in my Chelsea save, won the league three times, FA Cup three times, Champions League once, did the treble last season, my first season in the new ground, had a 100% home record in all competitions.

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