Always shooting from distance.
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  1. Always shooting from distance.

    I need help my players keep shooting from distance too much and in situatians where a rush or a pass is better.
    Anybody know what to do?

  2. Its due to an ME issue where players around the Ballholder dont make runs, make enough movements when there is a defending player close by them, meaning that he wont have any good passing options. Combined with that the defending team not being stretched and instaad just keep their shape, not actually trying to close him down, he runs towards the goal and make a longshot from a poor angle. Instead of reducing the longshots ( this way , they wont take them when the options is really on), try to use some free roles and play a formation where your players look for space

  3. Just tinkle around with your formation buddy! My players rarely shoot from distance and when they do it often goes in.

    I do have a problem with free kicks, however, as nearly every one seems to hit the crossbar! :/

  4. noticed this issue with Bayern, Robben was taking 16 shots a game 13 long shots etc. really fustrating

  5. Are they selfish pricks (low teamwork) and ppm long shots? If so, thats a pretty deadly mix. Try getting tri of some bad ppms.

  6. As written many times before, its an ME issue

    The longshots were a very nasty knock on from the dribblers. Also off the ball movement can be improved, its all a knock on from issues in decision making. The problem isn't really number of longshots, but why they take the long shot in the first place.

    I think they missed it in the rush to get it out before Christmas, so i hope they take a longer time over it. But you can still also minimise it, the issue is much worse if you are not creating space and avenues to attack for your players, so even if the issues are sorted, if people are not doing this in their approach they will still see excess shots.

    I would say its about 75% ME 25% tactical. You can minimise through well crafted approaches, but there will time times when there is nothing you can do until the issue is sorted

  7. Thanks mate

  8. if you have the right players i found wingers as inside f att and a dlf support work very well in stopping the long shots and i am seeing goals and through balls alot more

  9. It might help to have fullbacks out wide ready to receive that horizontal pass. Even though it's not exactly penetrating play, having that fullback as an outlet and to maintain possession is a better option than your midfielder deciding to go for that long shot.

  10. If the reason for long shots is a lack of runners ahead of him, how is that the match engine's fault and not the fault of your players for being too slow / lazy / lacking in off the ball movement?

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