Can't Finish - Why?

  1. Can't Finish - Why?

    So, I decided to do a run in Npower 2 as Bradford. We are playing a very flexible 4-4-2 which has a counter attacking and attacking option.

    Up front we have a target man and a poacher:

    TM:James Hanson - classic big guy, 194 Cm, quite the header, heading 14..which for npower 2 is quite high. And to be honest, he wins the hell out of the air. He has a finishing of 11 and composure of 10 - not stellar, but good enough for the 4th tier typically.

    P:Zavon Hines. Speed merchant (16Acc,16Pace for quickness) with a finishing of 11 and composure of 8.

    Despite creating chances from the wings...LOTS of chances...we cannot put the ball in the freakin net.

    Last game: 5 clear cut chances (3 of which were in the 6 yd box), 4 half-chances. None of them outside the area. 1 Goal...we tied.

    My games are a litany of "He's kicking himself for missing that!...but he can't direct it goalwards...what a goal that would have cannons of the crossbar...the goalkeeper is all smiles...that should have been a goal"

    When we are reduced to a merely more likely 4-5 scoring chances, the analysis board is a blur of red dots from the top of the box.

    What can i do?

  2. Change Hines, cause he is terrible upfront. Put him on the wing and put Wells upfront. You should see a better return. I was Bradford a while ago, nd thats where i gained success. Finished 4th with Wells notching 14 goals, and Hanson a tidy 9. Hines came in with 7 from the RM.

  3. Handy. Actually, Wells isn't shooting any better...but his slower speed means Hanson (TM) or Connell (DLF) comes into play more often after Wells drags a tall man or two with him rather than showing him his heels, breaking through and wasting it in a panic.

    Well called. Whatever hidden ingredient there is for "choke sup when it counts" zavon hines has it.
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