Money for getting into the premiership????

  1. Money for getting into the premiership????

    Hi I've just got promoted to the premiership with cardiff city finishing 2nd, finances are pretty poor with cardiff and I was just wondering how much money you get when you get to the prem and when they award it? At the moment I've only got like a million to spend so I'm wondering am I going to have to rely on bringing free transfers in???

  2. 4 million I got

  3. When did they give you 4 million? Do you get awarded a load of cash by the league at the start of the season and then the board decide on you budget ?

  4. Prize money (unfortunately) does not go into your transfer budget.

  5. Yeh I understand that but what I mean is do you get a lump sum of prize money when your in the premiership or a lump sum for tv revenue or something ?

  6. You get fuck all with Cardiff mate. I've played with them and ended up getting frustrated and I added another manager and sold Rud Gestede to PSG for 20 million just so my club wouldn't get absolutely financially fucked :L

  7. I done that lol

  8. You get nothing at the end of the season for getting promoted to the Premiership, unfortunately. When the new Premiership season starts you get around 55m euros, spread out over the season. So no lump sum at the start of the season.

  9. Ive just got promoted with cardiff, won the championship on the final day....TV rights for the new season was about 55m, i had a budget of 2.5, so im just going to edit the budgets so i have a bigger wage budget and get players in on the free.

  10. I got promoted with Derby to the premiership last season and I came second too. I was worried about not getting much money for the prem to spend on players as Derbys' finances were pretty poor. However I was please when the board raised my wage budget to 270K and gave me £14.6m to spend.

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