Just two things...

  1. Just two things...

    95% game play on this game consists of wide play with wingers constantly going for crosses and 99% of goals conceded/scored are from wingers crossing the ball in from a wide position. You very rarely and I mean VERY rarely score or concede to goal that's a brilliant pass through the middle of the pitch for your player to run onto and score.

    It's so very frustrating, Every save regardless of what team I'm managing I find myself time and time again leaking goals from them crossing the ball in from a wide position. I've tried everything, I've put my full backs on defensive, I've tried playing with 2 DMC's both set to defend. I just don't know what to do about it.

    Also, Another quick I would like to say/ask, I always find myself doing well in the league, Sitting in comfortable position, Winning my fair share of games and losing fixtures I would be expected to lose/struggle in. But for some reason, Every save, My team go through a phase of awfulness. They suddenly forget how to defend and completely forget where the goal is, And It's usually mid season. I find myself doing well and then It's like hitting a brick wall and bringing in constant bad results and very little goals but lots conceded. From this little phase all of my players morale go's from very good/superb to poor/very poor. Anyone else encountered this? Is there anyway to stop it?

    Thanks in advance and thanks for your time!

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