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Team Guide: Pescara

  1. Team Guide: Pescara

    I'm currently in the 2020/21 season with Pescara and still having lots of fun with this team - I want to share the joy of managing them! Please be aware that this is my first attempt at writing any sort of a guide so apologies in advance. I hope some of you guys find it helpful.

    Delfino Pescara 1936 - A Guide

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    Team Guide: Pescara-info.png

    Name: Delfino Pescara 1936
    Nicknames: Delfini (Dolphins), Biancazzurri (White-Light Blues)
    Founded: 1936
    League: Serie A, Italy.
    Stadium: Adratico - Giovanni Cornachia
    Capacity: 20476
    Media Prediction: 19th

    Season Expectations

    Team Guide: Pescara-expectations.png

    Given your media prediction of a lowly 19th place, your primary focus in the first season will be to avoid relegation, which can easily be achieved with the squad at your disposal. It is possible to select anything up to "Top Half Finish", although I would not recommend this as it would add unneccessary pressure to your job as there is no financial incentive to select anything higher than "Avoid Relegation", despite a solid mid-table finish being a very realistic target. Your budgets are fixed at:

    Transfer Budget: £0.
    Wage Budget: £205k per week. (with just £2.41k available)

    As you can see, budgets are very tight and you will have to be clever in the transfer market.

    Pescara's Squad

    Suggested Formations

    4-4-2: Team Guide: Pescara-pescara442.png 4-3-3: Team Guide: Pescara-pescara433.png

    I would recommend either of these formations as they suit the players at your disposal best. I opted to play a 4-4-2 during home games and opted to utilise the 4-3-3 formation for when I needed a more defensive mindset - such as during away games, against tough opposition and defending leads.



    Ivan Pelizzoli
    Mattia Perin
    Luca Savelloni

    Ivan Pelizzoli is probably your best option between the sticks due to his superior shot stopping ability, although there is not much to choose from in this position. Mattia Perin is Pescara's #1 in real life and has been dubbed the new Buffon so he is quite the talent. Unfortunately, he is only on loan at the club. In light of this you should look to bring up Luca Savelloni from your U20's and start developing him, he has the potential to be your first team goalkeeper in the long-term future. At worst, he'll be a solid backup. It may be a good idea to have Ivan Pelizzoli tutor him if possible.

    Right Backs

    Damiano Zanon
    Alessandro Cre
    Antonio Balzano

    This position is a fairly weak one for Pescara although Damiano Zanon is your default Vice Captain and should be given the nod as your first choice option here. Balzano and Crescenzi are very similar in terms of ability and although Crescenzi has fantastic potential, his determination is awful and Pescara cannot afford the £4.7m agreed fee to keep him at the club beyond his loan spell, so it may be wise to offer more playing time to Balzano.

    Left Backs

    Francesco Modesto
    lessandro Crescenzi
    Antonio Balzano
    Antonio Bocchetti

    You best option at Left Back is the loanee Francesco Modesto, who although is a natural ML is also your best option on the left hand side of your defence. Balzano and Bocchetti are your next best options if you decide to utilise Modesto in his natual position in midfield.

    Centre Backs

    Marco Capuano
    Christian Terlizzi
    Uros Co
    Simone Romagnoli

    Marco Capuano is the star of the show in this position and the only question is who do you play next to him? I chose Riccardo Brosco because he had the highest potential (aside from Cosic, but I will explain), however Christian Terlizzi would also be a solid option here because of his aerial ability and experience. Either of the other two are also very capable of filling in here although I preferred Romagnoli as Cosic is only a loanee and despite having good potential, Pescara again cannot afford to make his loan move permanent. There may also be language issues which may affect performances if you choose to play Cosic.

    Right Midfield/Right Wing

    Mervan Celik
    Vladimir Weiss
    Giuseppe Colucci
    Danilo Soddimo

    Mervan Celik and Vladimir Weiss are your strongest options here. I would recommend playing Celik here though, as Weiss is versatile and can play both sides as well as in the centre. Colucci is a decent rotation option but nothing more. Danilo Soddimo is a natural AMR and should only be used when playing 4-3-3.

    Left Midfield/Left Wing

    Vladimir Weiss
    Francesco Modesto

    Mervan Celik
    Danilo Soddimo

    Vladimir Weiss is your man to play here and he's also one of the best players on your team. Francesco Modesto is also a great option if you choose not to use him as your Left Back. Mervan Celik is also accomplished on this side but I would only recommend playing him here for rotation/resting purposes, unless you play him as an AML in your 4-3-3, he's quite a good option there.
    Danilo Soddimo is a natural AML and should only be used when playing 4-3-3.

    Central Midfield

    Emmanuel Cascione
    Manuele Blasi
    Matti Lund Nielsen
    Giuseppe Colucci
    Vladimir Weiss

    You have quite a few options in this position. Emmanuel Cascione is the club captain and your best player in the middle of the park, Matti Lund Nielsen is your second best player in this position and should partner Cascione in most games. Manuele Blasi and Bjarnason are good rotation options in this position while Colucci and Weiss should only be used here as a last resort. They're good enough but the aforementioned players are much more capable.


    Ante Vukusic
    Gianluca Cap
    Elvis Abbruscato

    This is a fantastic area in your team. Ante Vukusic is a quality Poacher and Jonathas is an amazing Target Man - utilise these guys and they will score the goals to keep your team in the division. Promote Gianluca Caprari and Elvis Abbruscato from your U20 and Reserve teams respectively. Elvis Abbruscato will be nothing more than a rotation option but Gianluca Caprari can develop into one of the best DeepLying Forwards on the game so look to give him some playing time, he can even cover at AMR and AML - although you shouldn't expect fireworks from him straight away.

    Other Players

    Cristiano Ingretolli
    Filippo Di Pentima
    Gaston Brugman
    Romulo Togni
    Juan Fernando Quintero

    You should cancel the loans of Cristiano Ingretolli and Filippo Di Pentima, they are poor players and will not benefit your team at all. Gaston Brugman and Romulo Togni should be either sold or loaned out (preferably sold, you'll need the extra funds). Brugman has the potential to be a good player but does not fit into either the 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 system well. I chose to cancel the loan of Juan Fernando Quintero but he could potentially be a decent optiion for the team (he has fantastic potential). That one is up to you.


    (Note: all of these may be difficult because of your restrictive budgets - be smart with your transfers)

    This one is not a transfer but you should look to offer Vladimir Weiss a new deal, he is one of your best players (and will be for quite a few seasons) but he is only on a one year contract with Pescara.
    Keep an eye out for the Goalkeeper Fernando Henrique from Ceara, as you will be able to pick him up on a free.
    When January comes along you should look to pick up some players on free transfers. I would recommend taking a look at: Simao (DMC, Shandong), Gaetan Bong (DL, Valenciennes) and Emiliano Moretti (DLC, Genoa), amongst others.


    Team Guide: Pescara-facilities.png

    The facilities at Pescara are not brilliant. In fact, everything seems pretty average. The good news is that your training facilities are considered to be "good", so player development should not be hindered too much. The bad news, however, is that the club is not the wealthiest and may struggle to afford any major facility upgrades early on.

    THANK YOU for taking the time to read my guide and I hope it's helpful. I've added some extra info below for those who are interested in how some of the players develop.

    Just how good are some of Pescara's young players? (Future Screenshots from my own save)

    Ante Vukusic:

    Team Guide: Pescara-vukusic1.png Team Guide: Pescara-vukusic2.png... He holds the Pescara record for league goals and has "Legend" status at the club, what more can I say?

    Marco Capuano:

    Team Guide: Pescara-capuano1.png Team Guide: Pescara-capuano2.png... Although his stats might not suggest much more than a fairly decent Centre Back - just look at his average match ratings during his time at Pescara. I only sold him because he felt he had achieved all that he could at Pescara and wanted to move on. There's no point keeping hold of a player that doesn't want to be there, right?

    Gianluca Caprari:

    Team Guide: Pescara-caprari1.png Team Guide: Pescara-caprari2.png
    ... He takes a little while to develop into a quality Serie A player but... what a player! He cost me just £1m when it came to buying-out Roma's 50% stake at the end of the second season.

    Honourable Mentions:

    Luca Savelloni... I did not give him practically any playing time at all but he's still turned into a 3* goalkeeper and he is fantastic backup, not to mention homegrown. Vladimir Weiss... Quality and versatile, I did not sell him until 2018 when some world class regens were coming though and I received a decent offer from Saint-Etienne to take him off my hands.

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  2. ah yes Pescara, was great to play as last year, haven't tried this year though, might give it a shot!

  3. Same, might retry pescara as well

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