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What to do with my striker?

  1. What to do with my striker?

    Hi Everyone

    I have just started a new save with Chelsea and it is going really well. I have scored in every one of my first 6 EPL games with two 3-0s and two 4-0s so I'm not having any trouble scoring however only 2 goals have been scored by strikers out of 17. I play a narrow 4-2-3-1 control formation with two inside forwards and a treq in behind the striker with the treq as playmaker and the striker as target man. I have been testing out different roles for the striker and the best one at the moment seems to be poacher with the run onto supply and this seems to get the striker a few more shooting opportunities and although they still don't score they provide rebound opportunities for other players and put pressure on the other team. I get over 20 shots per game with over half on target and around 5 shots from my striker. My question is has anyone found a role for a single striker that gets them a good amount of chances on goal? I like that my team all chip in with goals that's how I want my team to play but I do want one of my strikers to be near the top of my teams scoring charts. I was thinking I could scrap a goal scoring striker and instead as I play a relatively high pressure formation I could retrain one of my good tackling midfielders such as fellani as a striker and play him as defensive forward to put more pressure on the other team when they have possession. Any Thoughts would be appreciated?
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  2. I played the same formation and found my lone striker hardly scored any goals...but my two inside forwards scored loads. Then I changed to a 4-2-3-1 with two wingers and my striker started scoring the lion share of the goals again.

    It seemed like there were so many players in such a small area who were attack minded, that my striker got crowded out and didn't see enough of the ball.
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  3. I play similar, but with the two IF's from out wide (winger position). In my case I'm Liverpool and have Suarez at S, Sterling at AM R and Borini at AM L. Suazez and Borini scored an equal amount over the season, but Suarez was much better once I switched him to DLF - it seems that by coming from deep he can avoid the defenders better and make more space. Plus, having the IFs wider they can drag defenders out or have chance to run at them.
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  4. I will try moving my IFs out wide to open up some space. I probably won't set them as wingers as Chelsea don't really have any wingers other than Marin maybe as Hazard, Moses, Oscar & Mata are either AP or IF. Thanks for the suggestions

  5. Yep. Put the inside forwards outwide to open up the space and set them to through-ball often. You should see them, especially with your very quick and intelligent players like Hazard scoring a lot as well as making a lot of chances.

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