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Board cannot find a suitable feeder club

  1. Board cannot find a suitable feeder club

    I've done some searching and rooting through forums for an answer and have yet to see a satisfactory one unfortunately, so I'll detail the situation and hopefully someone in the know can post an answer.

    Playing with Brighton and Hove Albion, I am onto the 2018-19 season and have been winning constantly to the point that the club are ranked third in the world for reputation and obviously has a worldwide reputation. The club has relatively good finances; at each time of requesting a feeder club I always have a healthy amount in the bank balance so there are funds to secure a link.

    Every half a year roughly whenever the option to look for a feeder club becomes available I have requested that the board search for one to improve our profile in another country, so looking for a financial benefit link. Most of the time but not all of the time they have challenged the request stating they don't see the benefit, however upon my pressing they agree and begin the search. I haven't been asked to search for one, though from my experiences in FM12 and reading other people's experiences it wouldn't be worth my time trying to pick a team anyway since its winning the lottery odds it'll be accepted.

    Without fail, every time the board returns their feedback on prospective links they turn up empty, never a single club for me to choose from.

    The club has no links with any other clubs at all, and really all I need for the moment are links for financial reasons so I have yet to attempt any other kinds. It is however getting frustrating that they fail to manage to find any team in the entire world which will suit the request.

    I have checked the FM13editor to see the chairman's stats on the off chance it is his/her stats which affect how well the board manage their duties. He has a business rating of 18 so runs the club incredibly well as a business, and resources of 14 so has a decent amount of financial clout. The other two ratings are set to 0 so I assume random upon starting a game, but shouldn't be stats which affect whether or not the board find clubs to link with.

    If the chairman's stats are not important, don't post that they don't matter, the information is only there on the off chance they do.

    What I want to know is anything about how I can in my current game influence a successful linkup with a club which will suit my wishes, as it feels pretty pathetic requesting constantly to no avail. Is ultimately the only way I'll get my linkup if there is a board takeover to one which is more able or more willing to generate these links? Or am I doomed to never get the desired links?

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  2. You should be offered some-link up surely, even if it is not for 'financial gain'-instead of coming up empty, the board should offer alternatives such as 'loaning out players' etc.

  3. Maybe they dont seem the need to find a 'financial' gain as you are too high to have that? I think that is for small clubs?

  4. i too am having this problem looking for a both finance link and a link to send players out on loan! they usually say they will find a club within a month but i never hear back from my board

  5. A little update to help info on these kinds of situations and my best guess:

    I held off requesting again in the winter months of my last season so that should I gain some big cup success later on I could try then. The reasoning behind this is I've noticed in the past when I've won the Champions League, immediately after you win it; In the players search section of the transfers screen you will see a lot more players willing to join your side than before (This is with the filter out unrealistic targets checked obviously) but these players disappear fairly quickly, anything from a few days to a week usually on my game.

    I tried the day of my end of the season Champions League victory getting the board to look for a suitable feeder club for profile in another country, they accepted without debating the issue. £44+ million in the bank all totally free funds so not tied up elsewhere; come roughly a month later, they failed to find a single target to form a link with yet again.

    I have checked all of the major teams who are the potential kind of teams you can form these financial links with, and only a few of them had any links to speak of, most were just blank slates on their affiliates screen (And oddly all the Japanese clubs had no information pages at all, different to FM12, anyone else have this? I'm aware the league isn't playable but didn't realise it was almost completely cut off now with the exception of a couple of regens every few years)

    So all I can guess is; it is entirely down to your board's capability in finding and negotiating potential deals with these clubs rather than any other factor, since money and reputation, also timing all seem to have zero effect.

    It could be that the potential clubs wanted too large a fee for the link in the boards eyes. Clearly this is something which could be looked at if only a little by SI when making their adjustments for the next version of the game; a team who wins almost everything year on year should really be able to make these links without any fuss at all, and the importance of them when you get into the game a few years really can't be overstated in my opinion.

    Board cannot find a suitable feeder club-catwithmoney.jpg
    What I suspect my board really does with the money for those links :/

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  7. I've had this at Liverpool, thought I would try and find a Feeder club to improve stature overseas and the board always say they cannot find any suitable links...also at Rangers, after getting them back into the premiership I couldn't get a single feeder club of any type!

    Surely you don't have to have the leagues for say Japan loaded?! I tried to select a club as a feeder club after loading the Chinese league but that didn't work either!

  8. I posted a similar thread a while ago regarding the same issue. Had made Hearts one of the biggest clubs in the world in a long term save. I think it is a bug in the game that has never been fixed in any of the updates...

    Feeder Club verdict (always denied)

    SI sort this out!!
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