World Class set up- can't produce youth?

  1. World Class set up- can't produce youth?

    Hi guys wondering whether you can help.

    I took a near bankrupt cardiff into the prem and on a shoestring budget have stayed up for many years now (am now spending). As we were so financially healthy due to the prem money (also I am in 2030 and all prize money keeps going up) we built a world class set up. Problem is these are the youth players I get every year:

    World Class set up- can't produce youth?-cardiff-city-under-18s_-squad-players.png

    (Ignore the good kids as i bought them!!)

    My question is why is this? A few years ago I saved and reloaded like 10 times just to check it wasn't just bad luck!!

    We have world class facilities, coaches, EVERYTHING!! Are some areas- like Wales- just not able to produce world class talent? I mean the best youngster I ever got was rated as 1* potential! Also I have never qualified for Europe so we are a mid table prem club so in terms of judging the star rating they are normally said to 'ave the potential to be a good/leading BSP player'

    Any help would be much appreciated!

  2. Youth recruitment network? What's your Head of Youth is like? Is he good at bringing young players through?
    Increased your scouting network etc?

  3. are your youth candidates signed yet? from what i observe, youth candidates' star rating will change after they sign youth contract. The potential ratings will change too depending on his stats growth. So, i suggest looking at each player's stats and determine if he is going to make it or worth training.

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