any way to prevent automatic shortlist?

  1. any way to prevent automatic shortlist?

    Is there any way to prevent players I'm scouting to be put automatically on my shortlist? It's very frustrating to scout 500 players in one batch and get mass spammed with contract offers and scout reports. I'd rather just recheck my scouted players and put the ones I want myself on the shortlist.

    If not, if I immediately remove them from my shortlist I will still get the scout repots right? (last one not really a question, more of a I'm gonna check it out as soon as I'm done writing this thingy)

  2. In 'Staff Responsibilities' under Person Assistant, you can change players you make an offer (This applies to scouting players to!) to be put in your short list for 1 month, so every month the shortlist will be emptied - however you'll get alot of messages on that month saying the players have been removed...

    Alternatively, you could create a new shortlist and leave it as your active one so when you scout players they'll be put in there. Then go into 'Manage Subscriptions' and untick all the boxes for that shortlist, then you won't get anything at all about these players unless you manually put them into a different shortlist!

    And yeah, deleting them from the shortlist will still give you a scout report

  3. Thanks for the tip! Never thought of that =)

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