Please help Steam hasnt automatically updated my game

  1. Please help Steam hasnt automatically updated my game

    Ive only just noticed this, when i went to start a new game it says the version im on is 13.0.0??? isnt the latest update 13.2.2, is there a reason why my steam hasnt updated it? am i supposed to update this manually? ive never had this problem before, ive restarted steam but nothing happens id really appreciate any suggestions.

  2. i have the same but from what ive read it stays the same after it has updated automatically via steam (i hope lol )

  3. Quote from the 13.2.2 thread

    "As with the previous updates there are no database changes, if you start a new game the database number will remain 13.0.0."

    When you start a new game, it does not say the game version is 13.0.0, but the databas. SI have not released a new databas but when they do, you will have a chance to chose( like after the Jan Transfer window)

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