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Is My Game Ruined Now? (Screenshots & Description Inside)

  1. Is My Game Ruined Now? (Screenshots & Description Inside)

    I am at a part in game where I have to register 25 players to be eligible for the EURO Cup Third Qualifying Round, as shown in the screenshow below.

    If I click Respond I get taken to the next screen where I have to register my players. Usually here I just click 'Auto Select' and it selects eligible players to be registered. I then click Confirm Selection but when I do, I get the following message

    You can also see in this screenshot below that there are yellow triangles next to some of the requirements, which means I don't have enough players needed.

    So am I stuck now or is there a way past this? It says I'm missing 3 required players (two trained by Inter for 3 years, and one trained in Italy for 3 years). How am I meant to get hold of players like this if I don't have them at the moment?

    I can't even go forward a day or two either, due to this message in the top right hand corner

  2. go on holiday mate one day, your AM will sort it out

  3. Just leave some spots open, meaning that you have to use 2 players less than you can
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