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Good team for beginner?
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  1. Good team for beginner?

    Hi everyone, this is my first FM game and I really can't decide which team to be :-/ So far i've tried Athletic Bilbao, Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Manchester United, AC Milan, Newcastle, Roma, Lazio and Liverpool, and the furthest i've gotten in any of those is September. I'm not that good at the game, but I wouldn't mind lower-league management. Please suggest a team for me, I really need the push Also, how long does it take to complete a season, because I noticed that some people are in the year 2026 and it takes an hour for me just to get to September. Thanks, and sorry if the post is a bit long or unneccesary.

  2. hey bud, welcome, I would not do Bilbao as for their Basque only signings rule..

    I would honestly suggest United/Real/Bayern/Dortmund/Chelsea

  3. Mike.'s Avatar Mike.
    Manchester United Super Moderator
    Actually I would pick a mid table side.

    Do slightly badly with a top team you get fired

    Do badly with a relegation side you get sacked and relegated

    Mid table sides offer you the most leeway

  4. Thanks for the quick reply :-) Also, could you recommend any tactic I could use, because until i learn to how to make good tactics, i'll be needing one. Sorry for the inconvenience

  5. I'd say try a big team in a small league (relatively) Dinamo Zagreb, Celtic, Sparta Prague ect. Obviously you're unlikely to do too well in Europe at first but you should dominate the league.

  6. FC Porto/Benfica are a good shout as well easy league and a nice challenge in the ECL

  7. Thanks alot guys, didn't expect so many replies so quickly :-)

  8. I'd go with Spurs or Arsenal, the both have decent first teams already and the board seems to be quite patient, at least with Arsenal. As long as you can get through the first season you should be fine.

    I'm in the 3rd season with Arsenal at the moment and everything is going great, currently top of the league. However my first season ended up with me finished 6th but I kept my job and won the FA Cup.

    The Key thing is to keep the board expectations low, even though you get less money to spend it makes your life easier in the long run and the board usually give you more money in January to spend if your doing well anyway.

  9. Newcastle

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