Manchester City - Network Game - HELP

  1. Manchester City - Network Game - HELP


    I've been having great troubles on a network game against my really competitive friend. He is United, I'm City. When I'm United I always know the right tactics and normally win very comfortably in games. However on this years version I'm City and instead HE is United.

    My results have been mostly wins but that's been against rubbish sides. When I'm faced with a tough game my team fail to perform. For example:
    PSG 0 - 0 MAN CITY
    MAN CITY 1 - 2
    QPR 1 - 1 MAN CITY

    Obviously my tactics aren't right. I'd really appreciate if someone could tell me of a tactic or a change in tactic that may help. Secondly, Aguero and Tevez work together horribly poor. I've tried everything from complete forward and a poacher, to deep-lying forward and an advanced forward. What's the best roles for both of these players?!

    I have bought BALE and FELLAINI.

    My tactic is this: Manchester City - Network Game - HELP-manchester-city_-tactics-team.png

    Any help appreciated. Thank-you very much.


  3. Your open on the right wing too much, especially with someone as attacking as Maicon there. BPD are always trouble in my opinion, set him as a normal CB but if you want change his passing style slightly. Personally I'd change Toure to a BBM and have Nasri in the RAM as an advanced playmaker support. I'd also put Tevez as a DLF and have him swap with Aguero during matches (Set in his player-instructions)

  4. Thanks very much for the feedback, will try. What player role for aguero?

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