Kinda an interesting idea

  1. Kinda an interesting idea

    Hey guys I'm planning to start with a mid table team in the prem and kinda do what Swansea did and what Swindon is doing now i wanna build a team with young players train them in the championship then go upto the prem and do really well first to season i wanna start with the team i support Bristol city was thinking if possible pick up a few players like Adam Rooney i wanted to know if you guys knew of any good younger players that wouldn't mind coming to a championship side and would be good for the prem in like 3-5 seasons

    Thanks a head of time

    Wyatt Cameron

  2. Max Clayton

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Super Mango View Post
    Max Clayton
    ill have a look

  4. Max Power

  5. i have a wolves save and got korey smith(norwich) and ryan tunnicliffe(man utd) on loan the were epic in midfeild

  6. if I were you I'd start with Derby. Lots of good young players there. Especially Will Hughes and Mason Bennett

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