Struggling, Someone please show me the light!

  1. Struggling, Someone please show me the light!

    Im embarrassingly bad at football manager considering the amount of hours I've put into it over the hours so I've decided to call for help. Trying to make it easy, I decided to be Man city yet I'm no way near what the board expects of me. Here is my team that I'm working with:
    Struggling, Someone please show me the light!-523ddc53be5942089811b97764593e81.png
    Im tried to make it so that the front 4 players went nuts and just create chance after chance. I made it so the 2 striker swap positions and the same with the attacking midfielder and it seems to make it nice and fluid. The problem is I cannot seem to convert the chances, it is probably a very common problem so I'm hoping someone will know what I can do specifically. Here are some examples of the problem:
    Struggling, Someone please show me the light!-00da2c1cbdc94c7b2e2d5f3ef1197ea3.pngStruggling, Someone please show me the light!-9e251bfd0316267217331522254c56d1.pngStruggling, Someone please show me the light!-2b2c21ca9f0e8078e5453138bf5818af.pngStruggling, Someone please show me the light!-4b756577fc79d665afae583cb03451d2.pngStruggling, Someone please show me the light!-a5cfe9ec5e1a3011059471d0c6864524.pngStruggling, Someone please show me the light!-12880794c4f8f6c0516b1cb50f000090.png
    (And I'm only at the 25th of September)
    Here are my current tactics:

    Struggling, Someone please show me the light!-27b3fe54e5a3cd89529c1895949a7e57.png

    I know I'm rubbish but constructive criticism would be great, also sorry if I've posted this in the wrong place. The key to my problem is that I want to be more clinical.
    Thanks a lot,

  2. well try to use the tactic they use in real life it should be a good start 4-2-3-1 atting very fluid and leave it at that play tevez at striker and sergio aguero behind him go and buy gotze from dourtmond and buy matt hummels as well let ur assist manager pick the team he will always pick the best for u GL HF

  3. Thanks for the tips, I'll try those tactics now, using Falcao instead of Teves though, so even better!

  4. I've downloaded tactics before and while it works, I can't help feeling like I'm just watching someone else's game if you get what I mean, thanks for the suggestion though.

  5. hi mate just had a look at your tactics screen and team selection and here are few of my recommendations:

    first swap aguero and falcao. aguero is a much better poacher and falcao is the ultimate complete forward in the game. Also change your philosophy from Fluid to Rigid as this will reduce the number of long shots. You need a BWM or DLP as you have too many attacking players. Id recommend changing Rodwell's role to BWM and Yaya's to Box to Box Mid. This will give you much more balance.

    Finaly you dont have any wingers so tick the Focus passing box and change it to through the middle.

    If you do make these changes please go to the training screen and set Tactics as your focus for next three weeks (intensity: 1st week high, 2nd and 3rd week normal) and set match preparation to Defensive Movement to stop the goals leaking.

    If you use this let me know how you went

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