struggling to score goals

  1. struggling to score goals

    i have a napoli save and i have the tank that is cavani, at the start of the first season he was banging them in 23 in 22 before the christmas break, but after that my team has stuggled to score goals i have tried countless formation and still i manage to win 1-0 or 2-1, but 8 games into my second season 4 wins 4 draws 0 losses and i am so glad for my good defence or it could be 0-0-8!!!
    struggling to score goals-2013-01-16_00001.jpgthat is my team, any ideas lads?

  2. Makes isco and nem inside forwards instead of wingers

  3. try and put this in i made it up my self and i finshed top and did not lose a game in the prem very fluid/ control / more direct/ more disaplne/ press more / more coutious/ man marking / drill crosses/ more roaming/ and then normal normal quick often counter attack yes play offside no and play jps simple 442 counter attack you can download from this site please let me know how you get on

  4. Your formation and team looks good! 2 little changes would help, change Cavani to a poacher and Lampand to support

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