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Forza Milan!!! Il Club Piu Titolato al Mondo!!! - The FM 2013 Guide

  1. Forza Milan!!! Il Club Piu Titolato al Mondo!!! - The FM 2013 Guide

    alright guys, long time no post in here...
    now I return with the guide for my favourite team: AC MILAN!
    check it out...
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    AC Milan is a club full of achievement and history. Founded in 1899, AC Milan has become the most successful club in the world with 18 Continental and International Titles (tied with Boca Juniors). Recently, Milan won the 2010/2011 Serie A Title, but after winning the title, Milan lose the title in the last half of the season. This season, especially after selling their best players: Thiago Silva and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Milan is expected to struggle. Can YOU, the new manager of Milan, bring back the glory to this team?

    Team Condition and Season Expectation
    Unlike last season, this season’s squad is filled with more young players. But then, with old guards gone, this squad is a little lacking in experience. For this season, the board wants you to at least challenge for the title if not winning it.
    You also have a financial problem right in front of you. With the squad consuming EUR 1.66m in wages, the board only give you EUR 1.67m wage budget (any expectations) and EUR 2.99m transfer budget (Title Challenge; EUR 3.47m if you choose Winner). This means, you can’t get someone in if you can’t get someone out. We’ll talk about that later.

    Meet the Squad
    Players are described in their respective natural position’s section. First position mentioned is his natural position.

    Christian Abbiati (GK; 35 y.o.; EUR 51k p/w until Jun 2013)
    Your best goalkeeper. You’ll need a better goalkeeper for the next years. Keep him until his retirement.

    Marco Amelia (GK; 30 y.o.; EUR 33.5k p/w until Jun 2014)
    No, not good enough to be the 1st choice. It’s better to sell him if you can get another goalie.

    Ferdinando Coppola (GK; 34 y.o.; EUR 13.5k p/w until Jun 2013)
    No! Absolutely not! Sell him or just let him go.

    Gabriel (GK; 19 y.o.; EUR 1.1k p/w until Jun 2017)
    Well, his potential ability is not that astonishing in my opinion. Sell him.

    Central Defenders
    Fransesco Acerbi (DC; 24 y.o.; EUR 27k p/w until Jun 2015, co-owned with Genoa until Jun 2014)
    He’s by far your second best center back and he has the highest potential ability between all center back. Train him to make him quicker if you want to keep him.

    Daniele Bonera (DC; 31 y.o.; EUR 67k p/w until Jun 2013)
    Dumped in the Reserves by default. Sell him quickly to loosen the wage burden he brings.

    Philippe Mexés (DC, SW; 30 y.o.; EUR 135k p/w until Jun 2015)
    The best center back in the squad according to Tassotti. Consider his age and salary before deciding to keep him.

    Mario Yepes (DC; 36 y.o.; EUR 33.5k p/w until Jun 2013)
    Slow, but have some good mental stat for a defender. He might be retiring sooner rather than later, so just let him leave if he doesn’t retire this season.

    Cristian Zapata (DC, DR; 25 y.o.; EUR 51k p/w on loan from Villareal until Jun 2015)
    Your fastest center back at 15 Pace and 13 Acceleration. You might want to keep him as his salary is lower than Mexés’ and he’s 5 years younger.

    Right Backs
    Ignazio Abate (DR, WBR; 25 y.o.; EUR 67k p/w until Jun 2015)
    Keep him. He’s a beast in the right wing. Blistering pace, good crossing, but a little lacking in marking and tackling. A little more training would make him better.

    Mattia De Sciglio (DR, DL/WBRL/MR; 19 y.o.; EUR 10k p/w until Jun 2016)
    He is the future of AC Milan. Keep him with your life!

    Left Backs
    Luca Antonini (DL, DR/WBRL; 29 y.o.; EUR 33.5k p/w until Jun 2014)
    He’s the best in the weakest point of Milan. I’d suggest you to sell him if you can get 2 good, no scratch that, GREAT left backs to the squad.

    Didac (DL, WBL; 23 y.o.; EUR 20k p/w until Jun 2015)
    A good backup, but not that good really. He is still 23 years old, so he can still improve though.

    Djamel Mesbah (DL, WBL/ML; 27 y.o.; EUR 20k p/w until Jun 2016)
    A total disaster. Sell him.

    Midfielders (Hard-Men)
    Massimo Ambrosini (MC, DM; 35 y.o.; EUR 51k p/w until Jun 2013)
    The captain’s still a beast despite his age. Train his stamina to get the best out of him until the last drop of his blood. His “wisdom” and experience could be good for younger players. Keep him until his retirement and in the meantime, ask him to tutor Mattia Valoti.

    Marco Bortoli (MC, DM; 17 y.o.; EUR 475 p/w until Jun 2013 on loan from Novara)
    Who the bloody hell is this guy? Why even Milan have him? Get him out of the squad!

    Kévin Constant (MC, ML/AML; 25 y.o.; EUR 0k p/w on loan from Genoa until Jun 2013)
    Constant is a decent backup, but he won’t be that good. Just let him return to Genoa.

    Nigel de Jong (DM, MC; 27 y.o.; EUR 55k p/w until Jun 2015)
    Alongside Nocerino, he’s your best hard-man. Keep him.

    Mathieu Flamini (MC, DM; 28 y.o.; EUR 51k p/w until Jun 2013)
    Several players in the squad is younger than him and plays better than him. Consider selling him.

    Sulley Muntari (MC, CM; 27 y.o.; EUR 51k p/w until Jun 2014)
    He’s a good backup. Consider his wage and age before you decide to keep or sell him.

    Antonio Nocerino (MC, DM/ML; 27 y.o.; EUR 51k p/w until Jun 2016)
    Alongside De Jong, he’s your best hard-man. Keep him.

    Rodney Strasser (MC, DM/MR; 22 y.o.; EUR 16.75k p/w until Jun 2013)
    He’s still young and will develop. Keep him, then you can sell him if you can get better players.

    Bakaye Traoré (MC, CM; 27 y.o.; EUR 40.5k p/w until Jun 2015)
    No, just not the player of Milan’s quality. Sell him.

    Midfielders (Playmakers)
    Kevin-Prince Boateng (AMC, MC; 25 y.o.; EUR 84k p/w until Jun 2015)
    Prince is your best player here. Keep him with your life.

    Riccardo Montolivo (MC, DM/AMC; 27 y.o.; EUR 120k p/w until Jun 2016)
    Montolivo is one of the best around. He’s one of the reason I’d rather play 4-1-2-1-2 with this squad (we’ll talk about that later).

    Adria Carmona (AML, AMC; 20 y.o.; EUR 1.3k p/w until Jun 2014)
    No, just not the player of Milan’s quality. Sell him.

    Urby Emanuelson (ML, AML; 26 y.o.; EUR 51k p/w until Jun 2014)
    Keep him only if you’re going to play with wingers. If not, just sell him.

    Stephan El Shaarawy (AMR, AMLC; 19 y.o.; EUR 27k p/w until Jun 2016)
    Retrain him as a strike, he’ll become a great lightning-quick poacher. You’ll have to play him a lot to improve his ability.

    Bojan (ST, AMRL; 21 y.o.; EUR 40.5k p/w on loan from Barcelona until Jun 2013)
    He’s a good talent and great prospect for the future. But EUR 15m is just too much for Milan. Consider the agreed price before you decide to keep him.

    Mbaye Niang (ST; 17 y.o.; EUR 6.25k p/w until Jun 2015)
    One of the brightest talent around. Rotate him.

    Pato (ST; 22 y.o.; EUR 135k p/w until Jun 2014)
    He’s a great talent, but his horrible Natural Fitness and his injury proneness should be under your consideration.

    Giampaolo Pazzini (ST; 27 y.o.; EUR 91k p/w until Jun 2015)
    Not tall, not that quick, but somehow great heading. The only man who can be trusted as a Target Man in the squad. Consider his age and wage before you decide to keep or sell him.

    Robinho (ST, AMLC; 28 y.o.; EUR 135k p/w until Jun 2014)
    A great talent, but consume a lot of money for wages. You should keep him for several years though.

    Hot Prospects (Milan U20)
    Top three are the brightest talents in the academy

    Davide Derosa (15 y.o.; DL, DC)
    Ala Naserb Ramadan (16 y.o.; ST)
    Mattia Valoti (18 y.o.; AMC, MC/AML)
    Christian Maldini (16 y.o.; DR, DC)
    Riccardo La Ferrara (15 y.o.; GK)
    Christian Galliani (16 y.o.; DR)
    Lorenzo Saporetti (16 y.o.; DL, co-owned with Cesena until Jun 2014)
    Bryan Cristante (17 y.o.; MC, MR)
    Rodrigo Ely (18 y.o.; DC, on loan at Reggina)
    Kingsley Boateng (18 y.o.; AMR, ST)
    Simone Andrea Ganz (18 y.o.; ST)

    Out on Loan
    Simone Calvano (MC, MR; 19 y.o.; EUR 550 p/w until Jun 2014, on loan at Verona)
    He could be a decent backup. Keep loaning him until he’s good enough. If he can’t be good enough, sell him.

    Marco Ezio Fossati (MC, DM; 19 y.o.; EUR 13.5k p/w until Jun 2014, on loan at Ascoli)
    He could be a decent backup. Keep loaning him until he’s good enough. If he can’t be good enough, sell him.

    Taye Taiwo (DL, WBL; 27 y.o.; EUR 67k p/w until Jun 2014, on loan at Dynamo Kyiv)
    Taiwo is surprisingly a good player to fill the left back post. Keep him after his loan ends, sell him if you got a better player.

    Alberto Paloschi (ST; 22 y.o.; EUR 20k p/w until Jun 2013 on loan at Chievo)
    A good young pacey striker. Keep him after the loan ends.

    4-1-2-1-2 and 4-1-2-3 are somehow the best formation for this team. I’d prefer 4-1-2-1-2 because it gives the team a better midfield control with two hard-men and two creative forces. Also, you have no striker who is good in the air, which would hinder the Target Man strategy.
    Stephan El Shaarawy, Mattia De Sciglio, and Mbaye Niang needs more playing time. Make sure you use them in your rotation plan or even playing them as the main choice.

    Transfer Strategy

    Goalkeepers and Defenders are your main priority here. Midfielders and Strikers are somehow good, with the team has about 5 midfielder backups and has 5 strikers (or six if you include a retrained Stephan El Shaarawy) which is more than good. For a little note, your squad has too many hard-men and lacking in creative force, so I’d suggest you to sell some hard-men and get a creative midfielder (or an utility midfielder who can play as a hard-man or a playmaker).

    Ferdinando Coppola
    Mario Yepes
    Daniele Bonera
    Djamel Mesbah
    Mathieu Flamini
    Bakaye Traoré
    Adria Carmona
    Urby Emanuelson (if not using winger)
    ALL reserve players that wasn’t mentioned in this guide

    Rui Patricio (GK, 24, Sporting Club)
    Yann Sommer (GK, 23, Basel)
    Thibaut Courtois (GK, 20, Atletico Madrid, on loan from Chelsea)
    Davide Astori (DC, 25, Cagliari)
    Sokratis Papasthatopoulos (DC, DR, 24, Bremen)
    Domagoj Vida (DC, DR, 22, Dinamo Zagreb)
    Nedum Onuoha (DC, DR, 23, QPR)
    Isaac Vorsah (DC, DM, 24, Red Bull Salzburg)
    Alex Sandro (DL, WBL, 21, FCP)
    Guilherme Siqueira (WBL, DL/ML, 26, Granada)
    Mario Bolatti (DM, 27, Internacional, transfer listed)
    Mark Noble (MC, DM, 25, West Ham)
    Ruben Yttegard Jensen (MC, 24, Tromso)
    Zdravko Kuzmanovic (MC, 24, Stuttgart)
    Ander Herrera (MC, AMC, 22, Athletic Bilbao)
    Adryan (AMC, MC, 17, Flamengo)
    Alan Dzagoev (AMC, MC, 23, CSKA Moscow, transfer listed)

    Meet the Staff
    Staffs listed in red are recommended to be changed.

    Director of Football: Vittorio Mentana

    First Team Staff
    Assistant Manager: Mauro Tassotti
    Coaches: Fabio Allevi, Bruno Dominici, Simone Foletti, Andrea Maldera, Sergio Mascheroni, Andrea Primitivi
    GK Coaches: Valerio Fiori, Marco Landucci
    Fitness Coaches: -

    Youth Team Staff
    Head of Youth Dev.: Fillipo Galli
    Manager: Omar Danesi
    Assistant Manager: Alessandro Lazzarini
    Coaches: Walter De Vecchi, Aldo Dolcetti, Fulvio Fiorin, Riccardo Galbiati, Filippo Inzaghi, Marco Merlo, Stefano Nava
    GK Coaches: Beniamino Abate, Davide Pinato, William Vecchi
    Fitness Coaches: Andrea Caronti

    Head: Rodolfo Tavana
    First Team: Marco Cattaneo, Marcelo Costa Pereira, Armando Gozzini, Stefano Grani, Stefano Mazzoni, Roberto Morosi, Marco Paesanti, Endo Tomonori
    Youth: Roberto Boerci

    Chief: Andrea Valdinoci
    Scouts: Ibrahim Ba, Roberto Bosco, Silvio Broli, Angelo Carbone, Stefano Eranio, Giovanni Lorini, Pierino Prati, Sebastiano Rossi, Serginho

    Promote Filippo Inzaghi into U20 Manager. Promote both Beniamino Abate and William Vecchi into First Team GK Coaches as they also take care of youth GK Coaching. DON’T hire Youth GK/Fitness Coaches! Just hire them as a GK/Fitness Coach You can also promote Mauro Tassotti into Director of Football if you’re going to look for another assistant manager.

    Staff Recommendations
    Director of Football: Guy Ferrier
    Assistant Manager: Tord Grip, Bruno Demichelis
    Coach: Rodolfo Borrell* , Bobby Mimms*, Sergio Zanetti*, Rene Meulensteen*, Peter Beardsley, Marc Wilmots, Giuseppe Colombino, Daniele Bernazzani*
    GK Coach: Marco Onorati, Tony Coton
    Fitness Coach: Antonio Pintus, Luca Trucchi
    Physio: Salvatore Libra, Andy Renshaw, Lieven Maesschalck, Aldo Esposio
    Scouts: Pantaleo Corvino, Jimmy Hampson, Cesare Maldini, Luciano D’Onofrio

    Coaches listed with asterisk have high Working with Youngsters stat that would make them suited as a Youth Coach.

    Managing Milan this season will be a great challenge. The game will surely test your skills in playing a team who just lost their best players. With Juventus kept improving, it'll be a huge mountain to climb for Milan. Can YOU climb that mountain and emerge victorious in Italy?I hope this guide can be your ropes, hammers, and hooks to climb it
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  2. would you ever bring back Shev as youth coach for Milan for old time? and what about the cheap Brazilian Staff such as File (Physio), Ronaldo and Gilmar (Scouts), and paul winsper as a Fitness Coach
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  3. I'd rather choose quality than name...
    haven't checked them yet, but if they got good stats (above 15 DDM for coaches or above 18 JPA/JPP for scouts), I'd choose them
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  4. Looking good, just started a new save.

    Sold Bonera, Flamini and salomon in the start of the season
    Signed Davide Astori and Mohammed Sakho. And have Marco Verratti coming in january.
    Good signings u think?

  5. zapata has low concentration there, he is prone to making crucial mistakes. first thing is to get a good DC. I ussualy dont buy any one in the first season, while finishing 2nd place and wining the italian cup.
    with the new update i started all over (i got balotelli instead of pato), before the winter transfer window the board gave me a 17mil$ transfer budget. now i can really get that DC.
    the best tac. for me is 4-1-2-3 with balotely as P el sharawee as W and robiniho as IF (you dont have to play symetric)

  6. Thank you for this, especially about staffs...very helpfully.

    Big challenge to manage milan this year.
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  7. I would also suggest to buy very good defender benatia for very low price 13.25M euros...for that defender is really low! And also jorginho from verona...young midfielder for 2.5M euros, also very low.

    I play with this formation:

    In my opinion are these roles best for players i have. Working very well.

  8. A.C. Milan Trainee
    I sold Robinho and Flamini, loaned Kaka and bought Cardozo, currently top of league in season one and don't even play Boateng often

  9. I have robinho until the season...then saponara come back from loan

    I think is crucial, that you buy new defender!

  10. How to play Balotelli correctly? He just can't find the net. I bought I Giovinco and Diamanti, both has no problem scoring. Balotelli morale is Good or Okay all the time.

    Also, I found Boateng is not as good as real life. 2 assist in 10 games while playing as AMC.

    Sent from my Nexus 4 pimped with ParanoidAndroid and Franco.kernel
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