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    I've just started a new save with Santiago Wanderers in the Chilean First Division. I want to build the team around youth and eventually win the Copa Libertadores. Does anyone have any tips on who I should sign? I've just sold one of my CBs for £1.5m so money isn't that much of an issue.

  2. universidad de chile tend to put gutavo lorenzetti or whatever his name is.

    try and get a parent club asap as well

    what are wanderers facilities like?

  3. I've got Atletico Mineiro as my parent club and taken Henrique on loan. Youth and training facilities are adequate, but the board doesn't have enough money to upgrade.

    I've played the first few league games and have a 100% record, so I don't think qualifying for contintental football will be that difficult. I'm going to try and win the league to get a bit of money in and better the facilities.

    I tried to sign Lorenzetti, but he isn't transfer listed and Universidad wanted £2m for him.

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