to many INJURIES?

  1. to many INJURIES?

    i really like the game but every game i play i have 2-3 injuries so my players are unfit or can't play anyone else have the same problem.

  2. Never had that problem, unless I make 3 early substitutions, then I'm guaranteed an injury... I take it you havnt got your training too intense or set to fitness during the season?

  3. I had the same problem for a while, but it's back to normal now.

    There were tons of injuries during my first matches. No idea what I did wrong, and it seemed to affect AI for a while too since several teams got more than ten long term injuries during the first weeks. *shrug*

  4. I play with Napoli and usually have 2-3 injuries per game
    the surprise is when I finish a game without anyone injured

  5. How's your pitch condition?

    In an old save I had a pitch in 'terrible' condition. I also had a squad in permanent injury crisis. I know it wasn't the only factor (at least one player was a total sicknote), but it was interesting that when I went to plead with the board to fix the pitch, I got the option to say 'we should fix the pitch because it poses an injury risk'.

  6. thanks for reply i have training (average) and pitch (good) i just played 2 games and most of my players are about 87% roughly and had 3 injuries in 2 matches so i have ran out of left wingers and my strikers are really unfit i find it really hard to put a fit team together which is annoying. (pe500a) i have the same problem

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