Players cheaper on final deadline day...

  1. Players cheaper on final deadline day...

    Am I imagining this, or are lower bids accepted on the final day of the transfer window? It makes sense, but I noticed it mainly when I signed Nathan Redmond for 5mill when they'd rejected 9mill earlier. Think it's when the player makes their interest clear the club feel the need to accept.
    Anyone else noticed this? And anyone bought anyone cheap on final day of transfer deadline? Risky tactic but could work out well

  2. I've had a few inklings that might be the case but never bothered to find out if it was. It certainly makes sense, I like it.

  3. I think it is the case because teams offering for your players tend to offer less. However, in my Celtic save I managed to get an offer of 2million accepted for a regen even though they rejected 10 million at the start of the transfer window. It's quite realistic.

  4. as this is in real life mate, it is in FM

    why do you think most of the smaller clubs like Everton/Spurs/Stoke etc wait for the last day, much cheaper deals on players..

  5. Is a big risk in terms of missing out on players, but yeh, it's a nice touch!

  6. I made a different experience purchasing Lewis Holtby. He uped his wage request from 100.000€/Week to 150 as it was the deadline day...

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