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Had an Interesting thought...

  1. Had an Interesting thought...

    Is there any way in which you can see how a player scores his goals?

    If not... Why?!!! and let's try and get that implemented! I would love to see the break down on goals scored.

  2. You have to look at each and every game and actually watch the goals, using the analyze tool. It would be good if the stats where there for the player to, not just the team. Another cool featutre would be to be able to chose a player,click on "show goals" and then being able to let the game game construct a video. Naturally, it would take some minutes to load.

  3. Don't the players attributes tell you this?

    I'm not saying it wouldn't be interesting, but for the most part, if you see a player who has average pace and physicality, great intelligence, and good Long Shots, it's not going to add much to tell you that he's scored lots of shots from outside the box this season.

  4. He wants to know how he has scored his goal, as something to look closer at when tweaking a tactic. With the stats you gave as an example, their is nothing that suggest that the goals are scored from outside the area. A player don't need pace to score from inside the box.
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  5. I can tell you a way to show you how you get your goals e.g placed shots for the whole team, but not an individual player.

    Sorry mate

  6. Yeah, Specifically more based on my striker scoring goals with his head inside the six yard box or head outside the six yard box to see if it's worth using certain tactics or where to supply to ball to him based on seasonal stats. With the "Americanization" of the beautiful game this would certainly add to the value of the game going forward and allow us stat whores to have more fun.

    By "Americanization" I mean the major introduction of ridiculous stats that people really don't care about that much - aka the amount of times Carrick turned left in a match.
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  7. Yeah, I think this would be a good idea too, especially for marking. (E.g. if a player scores loads with his head, you'd closed down the crosser and have a higher line, if he scored by dribbling and shooting, you'd play deeper and stand off him more.)
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