Letting go of Steven Gerrard...
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  1. Letting go of Steven Gerrard...

    At the end of the third season with Liverpool (Three Premiership Trophies, Champions league Winners and into final again), Steven Gerrard is now coming to the end of his contract (£120,000 a week...).

    Sill pretty good and played 17 games, and another 28 as sub (6 goals, 6 assists , do I let him go...or hold onto him for sentimentality... ?

  2. Does he want to become a coach? I usually try to keep him around slowly dropping his wages down until he wants to be a coach full time.

  3. Maybe if you could reduce his wages you could keep him.He may also be very useful for tutoring due to his stats or ppm's. And perhaps a future staff role is in place.

  4. I did suggest becoming an Assistant manager as Cruijff is retiring, said he'd consider it in the future.

    Might just keep him around as it'snot like I'm strapped for cash!

  5. Yeah my team is pretty young, so he's already tutored a couple of kids this year!

  6. how do you lower wage

  7. Keep him on, I got his wages right down and then got him to become a coach. My current assistant manager is Carragher, but I don't like how defensive his approach is and when I play naturally attacking his press conference statements seem to upset the players a lot, so once his contract is up I'm going to give Stevie the job. Try getting him to take an assistant player contract to keep him for tutoring etc.

  8. Keep him - a player/ass-man contract sounds like it may be ideal.

    I'm in Jan or the third season. Stevie is still going strong, but I'm playing him less and giving Isco more playing time as I go through the season. I'd expect to keep him around as a player for next season too. I'm having a bigger problem with Carragher, having reduced his wage twice already he's still on a big amount, but he won't get non-playing stats as he insists he wants to be a manager; he also said he was going to retire at the end of last season. Still played 5 games for me so far though.

  9. Wait until last days of his contract and then offer him a new one. He should agree on lower wage.

  10. whenever i have a lfc save, i just keep him for sentimental reasons.

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