Job offers/Speculation

  1. Job offers/Speculation

    Ok ive played 3 years into FM13 and have been pretty successful with Celtic winning the league every year, 2 scottish cups and 2 league cups along with the Europa league. Im also manager of Uraguay. But, whenever a job becomes available, how come I am never the guy getting linked to it or how come I dont get offered the any jobs? ( I dont apply out of respect for celtic but I did get offered jobs on fm11 without applying)
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  2. I've also noticed this. Last version I played was FM 11. Got a heap of job offers and links to other clubs.

    This save I've taken Crewe to the Prem and gotten into the FA cup and League cup final in the same year while in the Championship and not a hint of an approach.

  3. On FM11 I was Cambridge united, got promoted in consecutive seasons and a news article linked me to take over Pep at Barcelona, And got offered the West Ham job(without applying)

  4. When you're part of a successful team who are winning season after season, many teams may be under the assumption that because you're doing so well and winning so much, you're unlikely to want to leave for pastures new. Maybe you'd be more likely to be linked to offers if you were managing a team lower down the leagues, but having success. I don't know if FM13 AI logic is like that though. I've read a similar theory in another thread a while ago.

  5. I started managing a club from Tier 9, an amateur club that is Heather St Johns, and had just gotten them to the Prem this season. And not once had I gotten a job offer from any clubs.

  6. I started with 'professional footballer' experience and 1st season I finished 2nd in Czech 1st division (media prognosis was I'll be 12th). I won the 'Czech Manager of the year' award. I did really well but even when I got bonuses from EL my financial situation didn't improve (low sponsorhip fees etc.) Average team from the same division approached me in winter break of 2nd season when I was in the mid-table. I rejected their offer as its chairman insisted on 'defensive philosophy'.
    Another team from the same division approached me one month later (they have bigger reputation, top facilities etc.) so I couldn't resist.
    The only way from the Czech Republic is to go east or to show your skills in CL/EL. Boardroom in my first club didn't share the same ambitions so that's the reason why I accepted the offer.

    So in my FM saves job offers look fine.

  7. Winning champions cup usually gets you job offers.

  8. i got offered 3 jobs while i was in my 2nd season of my chester save after i had gotten them promoted

  9. I played eight seasons pre-patch. Won most cups at least once, got onto the worldwide top managers list.
    No job offers. And when I sent job applications, most clubs (and all nationals) laughed at them.

    So I dunno. Fifth best manager ever isn't good enough for most clubs?
    Maybe there's some bug with reputation that makes it roll over if you become too popular -- or perhaps everyone assumed that they couldn't afford to hire me, so no point in even offering a contract.

  10. I got offered the Man City and Arsenal positions after taking Mansfield to the Championship and the Leeds job when I got Mansfield into league 1. I refused, wanted to stick with the stags and see how could I could get them. Haven't had an international position offered yet though.

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