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What is your favourite nation to scout and why?

  1. What is your favourite nation to scout and why?

    Please tell me which is your favourite nation to scout and why. Where do you find the best unknown talent? Where can you just not find a decent player?

  2. It has to be Spain for me.

    I always seem to find loads of young players at decent prices and always seems to be a good range of regens as well.

    France isn't bad as well mind!
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  3. #3
    Brazil (has amazing talents), Uruguay (has pretty cheap players) and Nigeria(has often brilliant regens)
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  4. France.

    They have such an amazing youth setup at all divisions of their football, not only the top division.

    Only problem is that their regens can cost significantly higher than other nations.
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  5. France - just like real life

  6. The nation of Barcelona FC...
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  7. Mexico, for me always find the paciest strikers and defenders about and with my tactics it's all about pace

  8. Argentina,seems to produce great players at my saves.Usually the world's best striker comes from there.
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by nufc2010 View Post
    France - just like real life
    is this becuase your team only now signs french players?
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  10. I have no preference on nation as I scout all parts of the globe. It is obviously a tedious process but very much worthwhile and if their good enough to play for my team, then it doesn't matter where they come from.

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