Question about starting out

  1. Question about starting out

    Okay I got this game today and am about to start my first game. Anyway, it asks for me to select playable countries/leagues. Now I have no interest in playing anywhere but in the English league but, if I don't select any other nation does that mean I can not sign players from abroad? I would like a large database of players from all over to scout and choose from, but have no interest in managing any of the foreign teams. Thanks

  2. You can add leagues/nations as non playable, which increases the number of players in the game, but if you choose large database then most of the top leagues will have all their players anyway! And you don't need leagues to be playable to buy/sell players to them! if I were you I'd just go with the English league as playable and a large database!
    Good luck mate!

  3. Thanks I'll do that then, was a bit worried about just selecting the English league in case it limited my signings to just the English league.

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