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  1. Egos...?

    Is it possible to struggle with Bayern?
    Im winning games but every team talk someone always is uninterested or whatever, no matter what is said & then some games its like they dont put effort in and concede silly goals.

    Is it my formations, players having egos?, my reputation not high enough?

  2. It's your reputation mate, I started a game as Liverpool and forgot to change it to international, every bloody team talk before, during and after the game they didn't give a toss!! ended up starting again...

  3. I'm having same problem I started with Wigan and avoided relegation first season and somehow managed 4th second season with a good side , was offered man united job and 96mill funds so I took it I am 3rd in leaugue but being a top side is totally different it's like every team plays on counter or sits back , a little off topic but team talks are key to winning games and in finding maybe 2 players like my talks and the rest don't care !
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  4. I find that pre-match my team talks are crap, although no-one normally goes down, only 2 or 3 people usually go up. However at HT and FT I can usually get 100% reacting positively :/

  5. what i would do with teams talks is always use play your natural game or enjoy the match get best reaction from that and on top use the striker/mid/def columns and say i have i have faith in u 2 make the difference or im looking for more from u at half time if any player is at 6.7 or below tell them specifically ur unhappy and they will usually improve if they drop wait till 60th min and bring sum1 else on and also if u drawing or loosing tell dem ur unhappy thats all

  6. Maybe you should try to be harder in team talks.. You play Bayern, so "expect a performance" in a pre match, or "not happy with your performance" in HT even if you are winning by one or two goals.. and sub all the players that become complacent, or uninterested - this will help you to keep morale of the rest of the players..

  7. first season team talks are always difficult mate.. especially when you are not doing that well and of course, have set anything below professional experience..

    give it time and the more you win the more your players will respond and have you as their favoured personnel...

  8. As someone said before here on the forum, this year is very important to keep your players happy.. So dont forget to praise your players in private chat if they are in good form, renew contracts of players you want to keep and so on..

  9. Keep their personalities in mind too.
    ...personally, I prefer to sign players who are Professional, Driven, Resolute or Determined. Makes the team talks that much easier.

    Model Professional and Perfectionist are even better, but they're...kinda rare.
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  10. Do a team meeting when you first take over a new job. You get to introduce yourself to the players and get them on board a bit.

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