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Conceding from crosses?
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  1. Conceding from crosses?

    Anyone else conceding a hell of a lot of goals from crosses etc?

  2. Play a wider formation?

  3. Yeah, put your width up to at least 3/4 up the slider, draws your defenders out to stop crosses or something...

  4. its 3/4 up :/ just conceeded 7 goals in the last two games from crosses :/

  5. What team are you playing as/against?

  6. I conceed more goals from crosses than any other... defenders seem incapable of jumping somtimes - to be fair I score a fair few through crosses as well!

  7. Have better fullbacks, I know that's easier said than done but for me it's the main reason why I use to concede from crosses.

  8. Im bolton in the champ, ipswich/birmingham/blackpool each scored 4

  9. oh and 6 against hull!

  10. This is the worst thing about the game for me, the ridiculous overpowering of crosses. The tendency to shoot from range is annoying as well.
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