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Brazilian Regens

  1. Brazilian Regens

    Players from Brazil can't join English clubs until they're 18.

    I always scout Brazil for regens when they appear in the teams and sign them on pre-contracts and they join when they're 18.

    However when I do this, the team doesn't seem to play them in any games except non-competitive. Is this going to stunt their growth and should I wait until they're 18 to sign them or just sign them on a pre-contract as soon as possible to keep the cost down.

  2. i wondered this aswell, ive still snap them up at 14/15 but purely just to sell them when there around 20 for millions.

  3. buy them when there 18 there are always quality brazillian regens at 18

  4. Buy them as early as possible, they will be fine. I bought 20 Brazilian regens who'd be joining my club about 2-2 and a half years later. They were all rated between 4 and 5 stars PA when I bought them. Now 2 years after they arrived, there are only 3 who arent' well on track to reach their initial potential.
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