Whats the furthest you've ever got into a save?

  1. Whats the furthest you've ever got into a save?

    Now i know that us fm players are a devoted bunch on gamers, soooo whats the furthest you've played into a save?

    my was on fm2011 with hercules in spain, around 14 seasons.

    had a stadium built and named after me, champions league winner 8 times, la liga 9, numerous copa del reys etc

  2. fm12 same as yours with stadium i was with newcastle for 20 seasons having a tally of 53 cup wins and won the PL 16 times also the richest club of 8.5 billion

  3. fm 12 with derby county 32 seasons cant remember the amount of times i won the champions league and shiz
    fm 11 with blyth Spartans did about 21 season or summit like that

  4. I got to 2027-28 in FM12 and I plan to do the same with FM13.

  5. On FM 2011 I got to around 2060 with Wimbledon AFC.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by SJGSpook View Post
    On FM 2011 I got to around 2060 with Wimbledon AFC.

  7. On FM11 I had 5 seasons with Bristol City, 9 with Juventus, 1 with Barcelona, 4 with Nantes - so almost 20 in all. Then I switched to FM13.

    I wouldn't go back to FM11 because the match engine and difficulty balance are so much better in FM13, but it's still a shame you can't import save files - I had some cracking young players in that Nantes side and would have loved to have developed them further.

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