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FM13: Best Transfer dealings
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  1. 2nd season. i had seen what i needed and what to do.. am gearing towards getting regens in so had to let a few go and try new players
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  2. 3rd season (2014/2015) spent more than i sold.. i just had to get Kroos. my all time favorite player. just love how his stats get to 20 easily. cost me a lot. still my highest purchase till date
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    My 4th season (2015/2016)
    . this is where my regens purchase really exploded.. i bought as many as i can. not neessarily to use all but to make money for the club when their values increase. & i must say i didnt regret you'll see in my subsequent seasons.
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  3. My 5th season (2016/2017) Now my buying is curtailing.. am more into selling now.. my regens have developed well so i dont really need to buy unless my scouts present a 4-5 star region aged 14-17yrs.Attachment 348535Attachment 348536

    My 6th season (2017/2018). more sales and good profits for the club.. just a few class n high potential regens arriving. good business
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    my 7th season (2018/2019) now clubs are after my class regens i can now make a lot of money.. legooo
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  4. My 8th season (2019/2020)/ now the revenue from player sales is increasing and more players are heading out.. need to streamline. see the revenue now
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    My 9th season (2020/2021) Revenue now shooting sky high
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    My 10th season (2021/2022). best transfer market for me as per sales & revenue. dunno if annyone has had this much in a season.
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  5. Seventh season

    Bought for £0 and sold for £187m.

    -Thiago to Manchester City for £50m.
    -Nicolas Nkoulou to Arsenal for £38.5m.
    -Marc-André ter Stegen to PSG for £45m.
    -Alessandro Florenzi to Manchester City for £20m. (got him on a free the previous season)
    -Replaced Nkoulou with Varane, who I got from Real Madrid for free as his contract ran out.
    -Signed several quality players for free, such as Honda, Dzagoev, Schürrle, de Vrij and Digne. Have sent them all (except Honda) on loan for playing time, and will consider who to keep and who to sell after the season is finished.
    -Released superfluous youth players and sent numerous regens on loan to increase value and decrease wages.
    -First time I don't spend any money on transfers, and at the same time set new record for transfer income!
    -Plan to further reduce wages next summer, and sell off unneeded players. Hopefully the increase in income will lead to the board agreeing to build a new stadium within a year or two.

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    FM13: Best Transfer dealings-liverpool_-transfers-history-14.png

  6. is there thread like this for fm14?

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