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FM13: Best Transfer dealings
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  1. FM13: Best Transfer dealings

    So I was thinking a few days ago, a lot of people cannot believe how I can get such good prices for my players and get good players etc..

    It is pretty easy but I wanted to start a thread to discuss/comment/debate on members signings for their team, if they overpaid, got a good bargain and to see exactly how they operate in the windows...

    I will start with my Spurs save (I always start as United when I get the game and play 4 season, get bored and then play Spurs, until the latest patch is released sometime around Feb/March, then I start playing properly with smaller teams etc etc..)

    Start of game including winter window: (1st season)

    FM13: Best Transfer dealings-tottenham_-transfers-history-2.png

    United were sniffing around Huddlestone so I decided to offer a straight swap for Smalling and they accepted.. great deal for me as I rate Smalling and needed a HG CB/RB

    Hummels was either going to Gunners/Chelsea/United and did not want them to get him, I was finished with all of my dealings until I offered for him to despite the others and he opted to join me.. He made many mistakes in the first half of the season but ended up having a great 2nd half..

    Second season:

    FM13: Best Transfer dealings-tottenham_-transfers-history.png

    The main transfer you can't see is a £20m purchase of Lennon from Liverpool, all over 48 months which I used to offer a 48 month deal for unhappy Ayew for his release clause..

    Pastore was offered to me for £13m and I decided that he would be a good fit in my new AMC type tactic.. I had to sell Anderson to raise the money for it but as you can see I broke pretty much even

    United signed Neymar/Belhanda, City signed Badstuber/Bonucci, Chelsea signed Thiago/Tasci and I decided I needed a big name signing to show them that we are not to be messed with..

    Falcao (who I have never actually managed before) opted to join me.. I had to sell Adebayor (who was good last season and Defoe who was good when he played) to raise the funds but well worth it, Falcao scored 2 on his debut against Chelsea in a 4:1 win in the Community Shield a few minutes ago..

    So, comments, feedback etc.. would like to hear what you think, ask how certain players are doing etc..

    Feel free to post your teams and I will have my say as well
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  2. Just about to start my 5th season at Liverpool and have never had a 'top' player, especially a striker as Lewandowski and Suarez were good but not brilliant...and none of the top players were seemingly interested, but I thought I'd try for messi (just turned 29), so £70 million up front and £60 million over 4 years later he is now a Liverpool player...only fake money I suppose!
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  3. How did you get Pastore for £13m (i know he was offered but was he unhappy or something?) he is so good on this game!
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  4. To be honest, I think the price you purchase players for are generally not amazing, it is the prices you manage to receive for players! I try offering players out on 48 month deals, but I rarely get a decent price for them, and I then have to remember how much I am being paid so I can use it to bring players in using that money! :/
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  5. It's always interesting to know what over people purchase/recieve for players. I started with a Tottenham save too, just started the 2nd season and managed to get Neymar for £37m. He is on £140,000 a week though as he was not that interested in coming to me. The reason I got him that price was because he'd handed in a transfer request. I also managed to get Hummels in for £23m again because he'd handed in a transfer request in January. I tell you it's all about unsettling players.

    Because I needed money however, I ended up selling some players I didn't need for not much money. I sold Defoe for £5m and Dawson for £4m. On the flip side as soon as a player is wanted who I don't need I try and sell them for mega bucks. Adebayor I sold for £24m which isn't bad for a 29 yr old! And Huddleston I got £19m for...seems Man Utd had more money than sense!
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  6. It's somewhat off topic because it was FM11, but in my second ever year of playing FM I picked up Iago Aspas from Celta Reserves for £75k. IRL he's now being talked of as a potential £8m transfer for Swansea or someone. He was underrated on FM11 but he still pretty much won the Championship single-handed.

    That wasn't my best transfer though, that goes to Graham Carey who I got from one of those Scottish sides beginning with St for £10k. One of my most consistent performers every single season, from the Championship to the Premier League.

    Since then I've had loads of great transfers, including promising players for £8-£15m that became world-class, but for me Aspas and Carey are still the best transfers I've ever made in terms of impact and value. Just to show that it's not all about the big names.

  7. Can't remember all the "spectacular" transfers I've made, but since I ALWAYS play at least a couple of seasons with Real Madrid the best transfer might be from that save.

    Have played to March, first season, in my latest save with Real Madrid. And in that save I've managade to persuade the unsettled Radamel Falcao to join me from Atletico Madrid in an £32,5 million transfer. Thats even less money than what Atletico purchase him from Porto for. Knowing the relations between the two clubs I thought it would be impossible to persuade him. But after "sweet talking" him and bidding now and then for him(After he had declared he wanted to leave Atletico). I managed to get a bid accepted for £32,5 million. At first they were asking for about £52 million, his release clause. But after he got himself transferlisted I got him for "only" £32,5 million. Will be joining in the summer. But his current season 31 matches and 35 goals (all competitions) leaves me wondering whether or not I've made my best deal ever.

    But you also got your young talents that you manage to snap up for just a couple of millions.

  8. My best transfer was just before the 2015/16 season, on my Villa save, when I noticed Raheem Sterling had been given a free transfer by Liverpool. Snapped him up in a heartbeat and he's been ace for me ever since, now worth something like ten million quid.

  9. I, like you Raikan always do well in negotiating my players that i'm selling - if its a player i know from the offset of the 1st season who i want to sell i don't usually do as well price wise compared to the second season etc, any players that are surplus to reqirements i play in the FA and carling cups - it keeps interest in the players as well as rotating my squad then at the end of season one i offer out to clubs and get really good prices normally,
    end of season 1 with spurs sold Adebayor to AC Milan for 28m, which paid for the cheaper Luke De Yong
    sold Defoe for 8mil
    Sold dempsey for 16mil which i was astonished by.
    for the younger reserve players - at least 3 mil each

    as for buying players with the exception of Luke yong (needed a quality striker) i've never splashed more than 10mil,
    i was able to swap lennon for R Sterling at liverpool who i rate highly, that has to be my transfer best, although i'm trying to negotiate with MANU for Jones - really unsettling the player certainly helps - has now handed a transfer request
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  10. i love selling average(about 3 stars potential) regens ,that i got for free or under 1 mil, for 7.5-10 mil.
    usually i don't like to pay over 15-20mil but i did overpaid a few times on my lfc save(falcao 60, javi martinez 40, muniain 40, mvilla 40, hulk 55) but that's because i had money and didn't want to make my team weaker then before and there were no quality players avaible(transfer listed).

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