struggling with spurs..Help

  1. struggling with spurs..Help

    So its my first season with through the group stages in the Euro Cup..Beat napoli home and away by big margains and came top of the table..
    Knocked out of the capital one cup
    Currently 9th in the Prem and losing to teams like QPR,Villa and Reading.
    Job status is very insecure.

    My team is this...

    ekotto dawson kaboul walker
    huddlestone dembele
    bale douglas costa

    Subs - Friedel, Vertonghen, Naughton, Caulker, Gallas, Lenno, Ayew, Sigursdsson, Adyran, Sinclair(loan from city) Defoe, Adebayor
    I have dempsey in my reserves( i dont use him will be selling in Jan)
    Also have Luke shaw and Will Hughes who ive loaned out for experience.

    Any suggestions that might help?

  2. You should probably consider adding some screenshots of your tactic and player instructions if people are going to be able to help you out here.

  3. My starting tactic.. works well against teams outside the Prem league but struggling to win any in the Prem
    struggling with spurs..Help-fm-tactic.png

  4. Do you struggle to score goals? Just lloking at your team and roles and it looks like you might. If you do score goals then dont bother reading on but your wingers look to be the key to this offense. Firstly you may have a problem getting the ball to them quickly as you have no play maker in midfield (AP or DLP- I would suggest putting Dembele as AP-Support and Huddlestone as DLP-Defend in order to get the ball quickly to your wingers) Secondly as the wingers are set to Winger-Attack their job is to simply create chances for mainly your striker but he is set to DLF-Support and this role is to simply look to bring other players into the game by holding it up, so you have no-one to finish these chances that the wingers are creating (suggest setting him to poacher or advanced forward).
    Finally are you leaking goals?? If so try playing on the counter rather than standard as you have pacy wingers who can make goals in an instant. Hope this helps obviously this depends on how the team is performing goals-wise good luck!

  5. spanky123
    Quote Originally Posted by Sars1988uk View Post
    My starting tactic.. works well against teams outside the Prem league but struggling to win any in the Prem
    Attachment 305535
    try using my tactic with spurs its spankeys 433 Avb style but instead of using Dawson play vertonghen in the LCB position , huddlestone in the DMC and Sandro and sigurdson in the cm position hope this works 4 u

  6. Thanks for the advice, changed all the player tactics as i was struggling to score goals, created chances but most from long range. Hopefully this will work!

  7. I like the look of your tactic for away games in europe - perhaps with the exception of Huddlestone as the BWM and Dembele as the BBM. If you play at home against the Readings and the QPRs change your DM to AM or IF Attack with Sigurdson playing that role and a role that Adryan can develop in League Cup/FA Cup/Europa games, this will also mean by still playing ademilson DLF you will have someone to fall on Bale and Costas crosses, you could even play Lennon right and Costa as the Inside Forward.

  8. made the changes youve suggested but still struggling to score goals, nearly in feb and ive conceded only 15 which is 2nd best to arsenal at the minute, but only scored 24!
    any suggestions?
    struggling with spurs..Help-goals.png

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