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How to hold a lead
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  1. How to hold a lead

    So I just played Norwich as Swansea, I came back from 2 - 1, to 2- 2, then from 60th minute, they had ALL the attacks, I tried everything, counter, retain possession etc and NOTHING worked, what do i do?

  2. If its a big dog I like to wrap the lead around my hand... were you home or away? What kind of formation did you use?

  3. Check that your players, in particular your midfield haven't gone below 75% fitness - if so sub them for fresh legs - your tactic will define whether or not your team are able to counter and retain poseesion so also try playing three in CM if possible.

  4. I play a 442, away

  5. Quote Originally Posted by xelliotx View Post
    I play a 442, away
    A 4-4-2 away is pretty adventurous, if you turned up at Anfield playing that I'd fancy sterling, oxlade and messi to tear you a new one! I'd try a 4-5-1 with a defensive midfielder or 3 central midfielders and a couple of wingers/inside forwards!?

  6. MESSI AT anfield, you're having a fucking laugh
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  7. It's not just good enough be give shouts.You have to have another tactic ready to defend that lead.

  8. Try the following:

    1) Keep the formation but change the player instructions (eg rb/wbs to defend not automatic) - OR - Play 42(one anchorman one dm both sitting deep)31 and use wing play.
    2) Drop deeper (though if opposition is similar strength to you this may not be ideal) + play narrow + pass to feet
    3) On 85th min: Contain+ play even safer+drop deeper and play narrow + pass to feet + retain possession (and if opposition is much better "stay on feet" to keep defensive shape)
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  9. If im winning and there is 20-10 minutes left, sometimes I switch my formation to super defensive.

    Put philosophy to Contain. No strikers.

    IF (S)

    WB (S) AnM (D) AnM (D) WB (S)
    FB (D) CB (D) LD (D) CB (D) FB (D)


    Not every player has to be able to play the position, and it works 9/10. I usually have my standard wingers at Wing Back. My striker or AMC as Inside Forward. The back 5 are always in their right positions, and preferably atleast one on the Anchor men should be DM's.

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    i use the drop deeper command, then set to contain and very rigid, if its only last 10 minutes that normally sees results out

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