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SHOCKING youth intake
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  1. SHOCKING youth intake

    Hi, I'm managing Newcastle, 4th season. I've just had this year's (2016) Youth Intake, and for the fourth season in a row the candidates reports have been "Not a single player stands out". I.e, every single player has half star rated potential. The first year I accepted it, even the second to some extent - I'm not expecting a Messi every year, but the third year annoyed me and now a fourth season of players who aren't good enough to be semi pros is seriously frustrating, especially when other rivals like Arsenal and Man Utd seem to be getting world beaters. Is this some sort of bug? Or am I just ridiculously unlucky? I've got top class youth facilities. Any help would be appreciated.

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    You do realise that there's a bug with player potential until you sign them but this does sound bad.

  3. Even after the game that they have against the under 18s and they get evaluated their potential is shocking. Second season I got a goalkeeper who had 1 and a half star potential, great, right? Haha.

  4. this drives me mad aswell especially when the mackems gets top class youngsters and im stuck with the flops or rejects of other teams

  5. same here, same newcastle...... year 2017 wtf! And everthing topclass

  6. Check your youth recruitment and the stats of your head of youth development.
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  7. Established youth recruitment and I have Phil Cannon as HoYD, one of the best in the game. I've checked everything I could think of before posting on here, I'd of preferred to get to the bottom of it myself but I've had no luck!

  8. Are you saying your youths have crap stats aswell as half a star or you are just looking at how many stars they have

  9. With the way things are currently, I find my youth candidates don't get evaluated properly until about 2-3 weeks after I've signed them and the coaches have gotten to know them. Their current ability at least is generally accurate, try taking a look at that, and signing up anyone who is 3.5-4 silver stars or above, then see how they are in a few weeks?

    I've got two saves with Villa and Crewe, both have excellent youth development, academies etc. My Villa team are in 2021 and are top 2-3 in the world, and with Crewe I've just started my first season in the Championship following promotion - getting great youngsters on both saves. With my Crewe save, my first youth intake I had one 3 star potential player at the original evaluation stage (bare in mind that's 3 stars in League 1!), and after a few months I had four 4.5+ star players, so it's worth waiting.

    Hope you solve your problem mate
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  10. Oh no I always check the stats, they're appalling.

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