Multiple players - Same injury!?

  1. Multiple players - Same injury!?

    i am four games into my season and have seen 3 players all injured in matches, all with torn hamstrings!

    has anyone else had a similar issue? or does anyone know why it may have happened, as it's my 2 strikers and an attacking aml

    or is it just a huge coincidence?

    they are the only 3 players injured in my 24 man squad

  2. I have not come across the same injury for three different players, and this is most likely a coincidence. Best of luck to you and your team!

  3. Just random I think. I had 4 players injured in one game and another 2 injured right after the match during training in season 2.

  4. I don't have the exact same thing as you, but I am getting injuries all the time ever since the update.
    I currently have 7 injuries to my main starting 11 and its killing me.

  5. I haven't gotten one injury since the update, its just your luck Maybe grab a new physio and strength train your players I'm not sure if this helps, it would make sense if it did though, players with lower strength might get injured more i'm not sure though)

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    Have a look at how hard you are training him and his match fitness / condition. The odd injury just happens but If I'm getting mass injuries, It's either coincidence or I'm trainign them too hard. One I have to curse blindly about, the other I can actually try fix

  7. How's your pitch condition? If it's in a terrible state this seems to lead to more leg / foot injuries.

  8. my pitch condition is stated as being very good and my injury worries have worsen since the original post with 7 players out injured. there go my hopes of playoffs this year. i have tried giving players an extra day off a week to avoid injuries, but it looks like it is going to be a horrible season struggling to grind out points

  9. I think I can raise you on this. I currently have 9 of my 25 first team squad out injured, 7 with in-game torn hamstrings. But this season alone I have had 15 torn hamstrings and it is only November.

    Part of the problem with this is that I have had 4 of my 6 CM's out injured at anyone time this season. As a result the two playing are getting flogged and when one gets fit he goes straight into the team. The net result is unfit or exhausted players playing high intensity games, therefore more propensity for injury. I'm stuck in this horrible catch-22 until I can get to January and recall some youngsters from loan to take the edge off.

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